TIM-Expo Shanghai

The 19th Shanghai International Thermal Insulation Material and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition

Keep up with industry development direction and plan a blueprint for business opportunity in the future

In the industrial field, the energy-saving policy of “take a new path of resource-saving and environment-friendly industrialization” has advocated in china. With the advancement of industrialization and the deepening of the concept of energy conservation, thermal insulation materials in line with the national industrial policy of energy conservation and environmental protection have developed rapidly in the industrial field. On the one hand, with the continuous expansion of downstream applications end, thermal insulation materials have been widely applied in many industrial segments such as power, communications, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, pipelines, aerospace, transportation, vehicles, and cooling and heating equipment. On the other hand, this application continues to deepen as technology advances.

In addition, China’s urbanization is advancing rapidly, and the real estate development of urban residences, public constructions and affordable housing has continued to expand the area of newly started construction, providing greater market demand and more application space for the building insulation material market. According to national statistics Bureau statistics show that in the first three quarters of 2020, the newly-started area of commercial buildings in China is 13.068 million square meters, the newly-started area of office buildings is 48.26 million square meters, and the newly-started area of residential buildings is 117.193 million square meters. The market size of thermal insulation materials reached 142.33 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21%.
Energy-saving renovation of existing buildings is another hot spot. The existing building area is about 46 billion square meters in China, of which the existing building area in northern cities and towns is about 8 billion square meters. A new round of energy-saving renovation of existing buildings will still require a lot of insulation materials.

TIM-Expo Shanghai will gather A-class fire insulation materials, integrated insulation and decoration panels, aerogel, polyurethane, rock wool shells and tubes, vacuum insulation panels, ceramic high-temperature resistant materials, high-temperature resistant thermal insulation coatings, etc. Focusing on the new normal, new fields and new opportunities, the expo is committed to building a communication, learning and trading platform for high quality building insulation, waterproof and exterior wall decoration materials, equipment and related products and technology. It will assist the exhibitors from home and abroad to fully display their products, technology and the company’s image, and facilitate the business exchange and negotiations with global professional purchasers. Through constant integration of insulation, waterproof and external wall decoration industry chains, TIM Expo Shanghai will create greater value for customers and promote the development of the industry.

Source: TIM-Expo Shanghai Press