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Manitou adds ECV (Emissions Compliance Verification) initiative to CESAR security marking scheme


Manitou, one of the earliest adopters of the industry’s own security marking scheme CESAR, is one of the latest companies to recognise the additional benefits of the scheme’s recent development – ECV (Emissions Compliance Verification). Manitou began fitting the enhanced system earlier this year to all construction, aerial work platforms, …

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Xwatch announces new partnership with ABTECH in Québec

digger construction machinedigger construction machine

Xwatch Safety Solutions announce a distribution partnership with the ABTECH which distributes technological solutions in the construction industry across Eastern Canada. The company offers a range of reliable construction and surveying instruments designed to help its customers gain accuracy and efficiency during construction projects. The company is able to offer …

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Explore Plant and Transport Solutions specifies Xwatch ‘pitch and roll’ warning system with combined Trackunit telematics for cabbed dumpers

Explore Plant and Transport Solution

An industry-first from Explore Plant and Transport Solutions, Xwatch Safety Solutions and Trackunit Explore Plant and Transport Solutions, headquartered in Worksop, is committed to leading the way in site safety through the continued development of new and innovative ideas, forging partnerships with leading technology developers, to provide state-of-the-art technically efficient …

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