22nd Samoter Innovation Award: The Self-Loading Concrete Mixer by Fiori Group Spa

Special mentions made to Merlo, Cangini Benne, Blend Fbg and Komatsu
Verona, 29 November 2016 – A concrete mixer capable of automatically loading pre-packaged bags of cement and aggregates to prepare the mixture, thereby reducing work times, dispersion of dust on construction sites and wastage of materials. The DB X35 BIG BAG – Self-loading mobile mixer for BIG BAG – to use its technical name – saw Fiori Group Spa win the 22nd SaMoTer Innovation Award.
The winner was announced yesterday at Veronafiere during SaMoTer Day, one of the events leading up to the 30th edition of Italy’s most important trade fair dedicated to earth moving, site and building machinery scheduled 22-25 February 2017 (www.samoter.it).
The contest, organized by SaMoTer in collaboration with Imamoter – National Research Council, selects and promotes an international showcase detailing technological progress in the construction equipment industry with the aim of rewarding the investments implemented by companies to develop new products launched on the Italian market in 2017.
“This edition of the SaMoTer Innovation Award,” says Antonino Bonanno, researcher at the Imamoter-CNR Institute and President of the jury, “highlighted impressively original technical solutions presented by manufacturers to ensure even safer and user-friendly construction equipment through extensive use of electronics.”
In addition to the first prize, the jury comprising leading figures in scientific, academic, research and professional associations, also awarded four special mentions.
Integrated safety is the salient feature of the new Roto range with an Adaptive Stability Control System – ASCS from Merlo Spa: the telehandler with a telescopic arm extending by up to 35 meters is equipped with a sophisticated anti-tipping system using sensors and algorithms to notify operating limits and machine stability to the operator.
A special mention for ground operator safety with the mixing bucket safe discharge went to Cangini Benne Srl. The patent covers a new mixer bucket with two devices helping to prevent accidental injuries: the automatic locking mechanism for mechanical parts during cleaning operations and the side hook-up for the discharge tube that avoids personnel having to stand under the tank.
“Luigi” – Concrete mixing plant for London Underground is the name of the concrete production plant mounted on 17 metre long railway bogie built by Blend Fbg Srl. The project took the award made by jury thanks to its production flexibility: the automated concrete mixing plant train with battery-powered engines was developed for maintenance of rail-beds on the London Underground, the most famous and oldest in the world.
The special mention in the user-friendly product category, lastly, went to the Display apparatus for a wheel type work machine by Komatsu Italy Manufacturing Spa: an interface capable of guiding the operator in a clear and straightforward manner through icons helps simplify complex operations such as changing driving mode with a four-wheel steering machine.
Fiori Group Spa:

Merlo Spa:
Cangini Benne Srl:

Blend Fbg Srl
Komatsu Italia Manufacturing Spa

Fiori Group S.p.A 
DB X35 BIG BAG  Self-loading mobile mixer for BIG BAG  
A concrete mixer capable of automatically loading pre-packaged bags of cement and 
aggregates to prepare the mixture, thereby reducing work times, dispersion of dust on 
construction sites and wastage of materials. 
Merlo S.p.A. 
New product range ROTO with Adaptive Stability Control System  ASCS 
The telehandler with a telescopic arm extending by up to 35 meters is equipped with a 
sophisticated anti-tipping system using sensors and algorithms to notify operating limits 
and machine stability to the operator.  
Cangini Benne S.r.l. 
Mixing bucket safe discharge 
Thanks to the automatic system that locks mechanical parts during cleaning operations 
and the side-mounting of the unload pipe whereby personnel do not have to stand under 
the tank, this mixer bucket and its safe unload system helps prevent workplace accidents. 
Blend Fbg S.r.l.  
Luigi  Concrete mixing plant for London Underground 
The concrete production plant is mounted on a 17 metre-long railway bogie. The 
automated concrete mixing plant train with battery-powered engines developed for 
maintenance of rail-beds on the London Underground, the most famous and oldest in the 
Komatsu Manufacturing Italy S.p.A. 
Display apparatus of wheel type work machine 
An interface capable of guiding the operator in a clear and straightforward manner 
through icons helps simplify complex operations such as changing driving mode with a 
four-wheel steering machines. 
Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. 
iNDr  Integrated Noise & Dust Reduction Cooling System is the outcome of research 
conducted by Kobelco: a grille that works like a silencer on the engines of large vehicles 
as well as mini excavators. The system helps reduce the noise generated by such 
machinery by 9 decibels, thereby creating better working conditions for operators in the 
cab and others in the vicinity. The iNDr also provides an additional dust barrier, thereby 
ensuring a cleaner engine and better cooling.  
Komatsu Manufacturing Italy S.p.A. 
The HB365LC-3 hydraulic excavator is the second innovation in the contest entered by 
Komatsu: the machine continues the development of the hybrid engine range inaugurated 
by the Japanese giant in 2008. The aim is to reduce environmental impact even more 
significantly without compromising performance. The latest model has a more powerful 
engine (additional 53 kw) and complies with EU Stage IV standards.  
Nord-Lock S.r.l. 
The Expander System by Nord Lock ensures longer life for the hinge-pins of mobile parts 
most exposed to wear and tear: unlike traditional models, Expander also is also secured 
radially for better joint strength and functionality. Expansion bushings work on both ends 
of the pins and lock them safely even if the hole is worn. 
Sampierana S.p.A. 
Two Eurocomach-Sampierana entries in the limelight at the SaMoTer Innovation Award. 
Eurocomach ES 19 SR4 is a track-laying mini excavator barely 130 cm wide designed for 
work in extremely confined spaces, at the same time as ensuring maximum operator 
comfort thanks to a larger cab with servo-controlled operation and the absence of auxiliary 
pedals. Similar solutions were also implemented on the Eurocomach ES 12 ZT4, another 
ultra-compact excavation system for construction work and green area upkeep.