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A New Breath in the Iraqi Market; IRAQ REAL ESTATE EXPO!!!

Iraq Real Estate Expo 2019: International Real Estate & Investment Exhibition is organized by Elan Expo will take place on 25-27 April 2019 at Baghdad International Fair Ground at Baghdad, Iraq.
Iraq which is located in a strategic place in the Middle East has around 39 million populations. With the 193 billion dollars GDP; Iraqi people are prefer to invest abroad such as; Turkey and European countries for educational purpose, business purpose or residential purposes. The investors also buy many houses for luxuriate in summer holidays.
Iraqi investors waited for the expo for many years to invest abroad. Iraq is not a new market for the Elan Expo; it has 7 years experience in the region. Elan Expo is the organizer of the previous successful events which were hold in Iraq such as; Erbil HVAC Expo, Basrah Build Expo and Suleymaniyah Build Expo.
Through the instrument of Elan Expo, Iraq Real Estate Expo is the perfect time for the Iraqi investors. The real estate companies all around the world should not miss the opportunity of selling their properties to inclined Iraqi investors.
Iraq Real Estate Expo 2019: International Real Estate and Investment Exhibition which will meet you to eager Iraqi investors will take place between the dates 25-27 April 2019 at Bagdad International Fair Ground at Baghdad, Iraq.
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Source: Elan Expo
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