Balkans: Samoter Attending the 10th Slovenian Road and Transport Congress

The event scheduled at Portorose 20-22 October will focus on the construction of the national motorway system and the future for major works in the Balkans.
Samoter will attend the 10th Slovenian Road and Transport Congress, the most important event in the Balkans dedicated to infrastructures, constructions and major works scheduled 20-22 October in Portorose.
The Congress boasts the patronage of the Slovenian Ministry of Transport and IRF (International Road Federation), the world organisation representing public authorities and private companies involved in the design, development, management and finance of road and motorway constructions, and is organised by the main Slovenian trade associations.
This year’s edition of the meeting will be held a few weeks from the completion of the Slovenian motorway network and will essentially focus on the programme for extension and construction of the national motorway system, still in its initial stages, and the prospects that this new and important project offers for the entire sector.
While being a central topic, the construction programme for the national motorway system will not be the only under discussion. The Congress will also discuss the development and modernisation of railway, airport and port infrastructures, protection of the environment, climatic changes and sustainable development of Slovenian transport infrastructures, management, maintenance and administration of roads, road safety in Slovenia and Europe, intelligent transport systems and the status of Slovenian constructions as regards design, materials, quality, measurements, geo-technics and technologies.
Celebrating its 10th edition, the Congress has so far welcomed a total of 6,700 international professionals, while 915 projects, scientific studies, programmes and reports have been presented by as many as 1,300 different authors.
The Slovenian Road and Transport Congress is an important stage and Samoter will attend the event in order to penetrate markets in the Balkans and support the policies and investments of Italian companies.
Source: Samoter Newsroom – Verona, 22/9/2010