bauma China 2010: Exhibitor testimonials

Sebastian Bauer, Dr., Managing Director, Bauer Maschinen GmbH, Germany
For Bauer bauma China is without a doubt one of the most important trade fairs. Via bauma China we cover our markets from Asia-Pacific to India. Furthermore bauma China also influences America and Russia. The organization of the fair is outstanding.
David Bell, Chief Development Officer, JCB Bamford Excavators Ltd., China
For JCB it’s very important to be seen here. We will definitely be attending bauma China 2012.
David Chen, Vice-President, Changlin Company Ltd., China
We have been attending bauma China every time in the past few years. We are very satisfied with the quantity and quality of visitors. bauma China is a good platform for us and our retailers to monitor the market.
Massimiliano Colombo, Marketing Department, Brevini Group, Italy
bauma China is an excellent event and it is the best opportunity for Brevini to meet important customers. We had hundreds of qualified contacts at our stand.
Kevin L. Curtis, CEO & President, Besser Company, US
The opportunity for growth in the Chinese marketplace is exciting. The audience and venue that bauma China provides for Besser to increase our equipment sales in China and the rest of the world is essential to our ongoing marketing efforts.
Qiu Debo, Executive Director, CEO & President, Lonking Holdings Limited, China
We have been attending bauma China right from the very first event and we are glad to see its growth. I think the main difference between bauma China and other trade shows is the efficient organizing and considerate service. The marketing efforts especially are efficient in helping the exhibitors to promote their brands and products. Our staff is overwhelmed by such a huge visitor flow, and that is also a result of a successful visitor marketing.
David H. Deng, Executive Director, Vice-President, China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Limited, China
This is the first time we have taken part in bauma China. We hope bauma China will continue its success and welcome more and more visitors. We will attend the next bauma China for sure.
Reinhold Festge, Dr., Personally Liable Managing Director, Haver & Boecker OHG, Germany
bauma China gains more and more in importance and quality. The exhibitors present a high amount of innovations. Stand construction and presentation are of international standard. The most important fact is that bauma China has evolved into an international trade fair. Visitors from all parts of Asia came to Shanghai. bauma China 2010: An international success at the highest level.
Maurizio Forte, Dr., Italian Trade Commissioner in Shanghai, ICE, Italy
The presence of quality exhibitors and the high number of visitors make bauma China always a special event for Italian companies. For this reason the Italian Trade Commission organized the National Pavilion; this hosted 40 Italian building machinery and components manufacturers, all showcasing their state-of-art technology and ready to develop their business on the Chinese market.
Annalisa Galeotti, Managing Director, Schnell, China
Comparing bauma China 2010 with bauma China 2008 we noticed the increase in the number of visitors.
Roy George, General Manager Global Sales, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, India
The response at our booth was tremendous. As we are currently in the process of entering the Chinese market, bauma China is the ideal platform – for us it is important to be present and to be seen. bauma China gives us the opportunity to meet global customers.
Kenny He, Vice President, Zoomlion, China
bauma China is not only the most important platform for our globalization drive, it is also the most efficient access to the latest industrial information. We do not see bauma China only as a marketplace, but also as a channel for meeting existing customers and new contacts from India, South Asia, South America and Africa. On the other hand, we are also making use of this channel to meet more customers from India, South Asia, South America and Africa. bauma China fits well into our globalization strategy.

Gernot Hein, Head of Marketing and Communications, ZF Passau GmbH, Germany

bauma China is amazing. For us, the trade show is very successful as we have the chance to present our ‘Best Choice Strategy’. The interest of the visitors was very strong indeed and they definitely know what they are looking for. bauma China has come on tremendously – with regard to the displayed products as well as to the stand construction.
Gerold Heinrich, Authorized Signatory Area Manager Far East/Pacific Region, Doka GmbH, Austria
It is important for us to take part in this fair; it is a place for us to show our international presence in China and Asia, and showcase our high product standards and quality.
Gwenne Henricks, President, Perkins Engines Company Ltd., United Kingdom
This year’s bauma China show has exceeded all expectations. Attendance at the show, an important exhibition in the international calendar, is a must for all engine manufacturers and OEMs who are committed to being successful in the Chinese construction industry. bauma China has given Perkins an important platform to show its product range, which has been specially designed for Chinese OEMs and end users, to an international audience, providing a level of exposure which would be difficult to be achieved elsewhere.
Walter Hess, Managing Director, Hess Group, Germany
bauma China is a perfectly organized show. There was an increasing number of foreign visitors from Asia and the Middle East.
Jay Ji, General Manager, Hanwoo TNC Corp., China
We are very glad to see this show growing bigger and bigger. We exhibited many new products, and concluded successful deals here. We met a lot of potential customers who will probably join our retailer network. There is no doubt that we will attend bauma China 2012.
Zhang Kai, Sales Director, Zhongnan Equipment Company Ltd., China
This is the first time we have exhibited at bauma China and we are very glad to see such a fantastic professional trade show with so many trade visitors. We talked with many visitors and signed draft agreements with some of them. There is no doubt that we will attend bauma China 2012.
Christof Kemmann, Dr., Personally Liable Managing Director, BHS Sonthofen, Germany
bauma China rushes from record to record. I have never seen such a run of visitors. We are absolutely satisfied.
Jo IK-Kyoo, President, Hyundai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., China
We attend bauma China every time. The number of visitors is clearly increasing, especially the share of international visitors. Our main objective this year is to promote our corporate image and to communicate it clearly to potential customers in order to drive our business.
Li Lei, Deputy General Manager, Domestic Marketing Department, Shantui, China
We have attended every bauma China since its launch. The visitor numbers are much higher compared to the last edition. We are fully engaged in negotiations with potential domestic and international buyers.
Yao Luting, General Manager, Qingdao Kotai Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., China
We have been a visitor at every bauma China since 2002. But this is the first time we have exhibited at the show. We are satisfied and hope that bauma China will become bigger and bigger. We will definitely be coming along next time too.
Hermann Moll, Managing Director, Liebherr-EMTec, Germany
This year’s bauma China exceeded our high expectations regarding visitor numbers and visitor quality. There were not only many more visitors but also many more key players from all parts of Asia. As a result, we were able to close more deals than during the last show.
Joanna Oliver, Director of Global Programmes, CEA, United Kingdom
bauma China is a truly outstanding show and it is going from strength to strength. The visitor numbers and quality exceeded our expectations. At bauma China 2010 visitors from all continents were represented. We look forward to returning to bauma China 2012 with a British Pavilion.
David Phillips, Managing Director, Off Highway Research, United Kingdom
We have been in the business for in excess of thirty years but we generated more revenues here in one single day than ever before. Very significantly, bauma China 2010 will have increased our annual turnover by seven to ten per cent.
Jukka Pihlava, Marketing Manager, Normet International Ltd., Finland
You have to show up, you have to be at bauma China.
Ulrich Reichert, Managing Director, Wirtgen Group, Germany, Chinese subsidiary
The visitor quality was really excellent. Top management from government authorities as well as owners of private companies visited Wirtgen China to make final decisions and sign orders. During the first two days we closed so many deals that we exceeded the sales results of bauma China 2008. Because of this overwhelming success and our plan to enter the crusher market with our new brand Kleemann, we intend to increase our presence here for 2012. This is the only exhibition in the country which is of importance to us. And above all: the show delivers more than the anticipated return on investment. On the international level, bauma China attracted again customers from India, Russia, CIS countries, Latin America and the Middle East.
Tom Riordan, President and COO, Terex, US
bauma China 2010 is an important event for Terex. It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate to our customers and partners Terex’s significant progress and strong commitment in the very strategic China and Asia Pacific market. Now that the decision has been taken to consolidate trade shows in China, bauma China 2010 is a unique industry event in this region providing a forum for all key market participants to meet and develop new collaboration opportunities.
Michael Schmid-Lindenmayer, Managing Director, Putzmeister Germany, Indian subsidiary
bauma China is the only trade fair that covers the whole Asian region. The quality of the trade fair visitors was better than ever. Putzmeister will be back at bauma China 2012.
Ichiro Shimada, Vice President International Sales, Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co. Ltd., Japan
We are pleased that the scale for bauma China is getting bigger year by year, also with regard to visitors. It is great to have this platform for meeting customers.
Liu Shouxian, Assistant Manager, Foton Lovlo International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., China
bauma China provides us with a perfect platform to meet our potential and direct buyers. We invited many customers to our booth to widen our cooperation scope. Meanwhile, it’s a perfect chance to upgrade our retailer networking.
Robert Sobocki, Senior Vice President Franchise and Factory Sales, Scania Engines, Sweden
bauma China is the event to be at. It is very important for us to be here and to be seen as we are putting more and more emphasis on the Chinese market. It’s a good opportunity that has been offered to us here.
Zhou Weidong, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade – Machinery Sub-Council (CCPIT-MSC)
With the rapid development of China’s construction machinery market, bauma China breaks all records again. Due to the incredibly huge visitor flow, we are sure that both exhibitors and visitors have achieved their expected goal. bauma China was a complete success.
Zhao Xiangzhang, Director of Sany Group, Director & Vice-President of Sany Heavy Industry, China
We have been at bauma China since the very first time. We are satisfied not only with the service, but also with the organizer’s marketing of exhibitors and high quality trade visitors. Our staff members have been fully engaged welcoming the huge number of visitors. We are glad to see all the visitors are very professional and of top quality.
Bao Xuetao, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Center, Beijing CSR Times Locomotive & Rolling Mechanics Co., Ltd., China
This is the first time we have exhibited at bauma China. Our main goal is to promote our corporate image and we are satisfied with our marketing campaign on site. We will certainly be exhibiting at bauma China 2012, the only question is how much space we will take.
Li Yong, President, Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., China
With the promising development of bauma China, the exhibitors are focusing strongly on promoting themselves at this platform – and we are, too. We are glad to see the expansion of bauma China.
Li Yuning, Vice-President, Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., China
With its rapid and international development, bauma China´s influence in the international market is growing, and this is bringing more and more exhibitors and visitors to the show each time. We brought over 16 new products on site and, happily, we have sold some of them.
Source: bauma China Press Room