bC India 2011: Shaping Up The Indian Construction Industry with Modern Formwork and Scaffolding Systems

Investment in construction in India is expected to rise by ten percent. Interest is particularly high in efficient formwork and scaffolding systems, especially self-climbing formwork systems and slab tableform system formwork. The suppliers and customers in the Indian construction industry will soon have an opportunity to network and conduct business at the new trade fair bC India – A BAUMA CONEXPO SHOW, slated to take place from 8 to 11 February 2011 at the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai.
Since the end of last year, the building industry in India has experienced positive growth. The Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) predicts that investment in construction in this populous country will rise by ten percent over the current year of 2010/11. This in turn will have positive effects on suppliers of formwork and scaffolding technology. “We are benefiting not only from increasing government expenditure on infrastructure projects, but also from a higher level of private investment in high-rises, and residential and commercial development, such as IT parks,” said Jim Goldsmith, Sales Director at Doka India. The Doka Group, headquartered in Amstetten in Austria, is one of the leading international suppliers of integrated formwork solutions. The company is taking the biggest indoor stand at bC India in Mumbai.
Peri, a leading supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems, and an exhibitor at the premiere of bC India, sees tremendous potential for growth on the subcontinent. Anibrata Routh, Technical Head at Peri’s Indian subsidiary, comments: “Our present assessment is that only around two percent of the Indian formwork and scaffolding market is covered by contemporary integrated solutions.” Against a background of globalisation, companies from outside of India will increasingly have an opportunity to get a stake in this up-and-coming market, said Routh, “because the ones who make the investment decisions in India’s construction industry are discovering more and more the advantages of the processes and materials used in other countries.”
Modern formwork and scaffolding systems are attractive in particular for their speed of erection, safety, cost-efficiency and flexibility. These qualities, according to Routh, are increasingly in demand among Indian construction firms and developers.
“You have to remember that every project is unique,” says Goldsmith. “Whether it’s building construction or civil engineering – high-rises or tunnels and bridges – every customer requires an individually tailored formwork solution.” Systems that can be hoisted by crane or moved easily either hydraulically or manually have especially good chances in the market. These include climbing formwork or wall and panel formwork that can be quickly repositioned.
Apart from Peri and Doka, other well known formwork and scaffolding manufacturers will also be presenting their innovations and technologies at bC India, including Noe, Sewak Forging and Harsco. For further information on the exhibitors at bC India, visit www.bcindia.com/en/Database.
Further information: www.bcindia.com
Source: Press Room bcIndia