bC India 2011 – Starting the Upswing with Modern Mining Technology

India is particularly attractive for the international mining industry: not only does the country have important deposits, it is also presents a huge sales market for the raw materials and products acquired from these deposits. Under the emerging economic upswing, effective and environmentally-friendly mining technology is now in greater demand in India and worldwide. bC India – A BAUMA CONEXPO SHOW, taking place in Mumbai, India, for the first time next spring, is a new platform for machines, processes and solutions for the construction machinery, building material machines and mining machines industry.
India is rich in natural resources. Its key mining products are iron ore, coal and limestone. The country’s bauxite and iron ore deposits are among the best in the world in terms of their quality and ease of extraction. According to figures from the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), prospecting for ores such as iron, bauxite, chrome and titanium was carried out in almost 3,000 Indian mines in 2008/2009. The Indian state of Maharashtra is India’s main producer of manganese, with almost a quarter of the total national quantity of this heavy metal mined here. In the period of 2008/2009, Maharashtra extracted 852 million euros in mineral resources. Mumbai, the capital of the state of Maharashtra, is the location of the first bC India, which is taking place from 8 to 11 February 2011.
Indian mining groups must develop their capacity over the next few years to meet the domestic energy demand. The country’s coal production must rise annually by eight to ten percent to satisfy the growing energy hunger of India’s processing industry alone. Currently, around 90 percent of Indian coal is produced by two state-owned mining groups – Coal India Ltd. (CIL) and Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. (SCCL). According to Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI), these companies are planning to increase the quantities they mine by an average of ten percent per year over the next few years. Both groups have announced that they will also be tackling deeper coal deposits in the future. Currently, only 13 percent of the 430 million tonnes of coal in India is mined underground to the depth of 300 metres.
India is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of its area, and its infrastructure development will require huge quantities of raw materials. For example, the Indian government is aiming to build 20 kilometres of new roads every day. Move the paragraph up to follow the introductory sentence. “In order to accomplish these mega projects, both modern methods and cutting-edge machinery that meet the highest demands with regard to technology and quality are required. It is the only way that project leaders can ensure maximum and above all quick profits,” says Subhash Niyogi, Marketing Director of Marque Innovations Pvt. Ltd., which will participate in bC India next February. In addition, from the experts’ point of view, the most sought after technologies can score highly in environmental and resource protection and safety, such as the reduction or complete elimination of blasting. “The change-over from traditional methods to modern technology and practices is creating a new demand-driven market – and not just in India,” says Niyogi.
The new type of machinery and equipment is particularly needed in transportation and processing of the extracted raw materials. “India is a really big player for manufacturers of comminution, transportation and handling systems – whether it is for coal, limestone, iron ore or aluminium ore,” says Venkata Ramana, Vice President of Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators. “The huge quantities of material create an equally great demand for gyratory crushers, jaw crushers and mobile crushers, wheel loaders and shovel loaders, excavators and long-distance conveying systems. Manufacturers whose service extends beyond purely supplying the machinery, to include maintenance and spare part planning or employee training, are particularly in demand.”
In addition to Marque Innovations and Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators, other exhibitors from the international mining industry will be represented at the premiere of bC India in the Indian metropolis.
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Source: bc India Press Room