Brazil Road Expo 2014

BRE2014_color_enThe Brazil Road Expo 2014 will take place April 9-11 at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event, now in it’s fourth year, attracts well over 10,000 professionals in engineering, architecture, and administration personnel in highway departments, government organizations, and private contracting firms. The conference highlights the latest innovations and information on road paving, signage and infrastructure with exhibitions from over 250 industry leaders.
The 2014 event will focus heavily on Geotechnics and Foundations in road infrastructure. This will include special information on ground reinforcing operations, use of geosynthetics, slope containment and monitoring, for road infrastructure, along with applications for construction of tunnels, bridges and viaducts.

Alongside the exhibitors, the event program includes technical trainings, workshops, and seminars. The conference is sponsored by Petrobras Asfaltos, and sponsored by the Ministry of Transport, Department of Logistics and Transport, S. Paulo, National Department of Transport Infrastructure, National Transportation Agency, Department of Highways of the State of San Paulo, Road Development SA, and others.
The new venue for 2014, the Transamerica Expo Center, is equipped with the latest in modern amenities, including over 44,000 square meters of air conditioned pavilions for the comfort of the exhibitors and attendees.
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