Building the New Iraq – Sulaymaniah BuildExpo

The Middle East has supported a busy construction sector for a long time, thanks to its oil industry and a series of building booms. It tends to focus on the Gulf states, however, and many countries in the region have been overlooked. One of these countries is Iraq. The fact is Iraq, despite instability in the north, still has a major economy founded on oil exports. The population is growing strongly, creating a constant demand for new housing, and there’s also a huge amount of reconstruction work underway. After decades of neglect and vanity projects Iraq’s infrastructure needs a lot of work to bring it up to regional standards, and major contracts are regularly awarded. Of course working there does have its own challenges, and it’s vital to get fully to get fully up to date on the country before starting to tender. The 4th Sulaymaniah BuildExpo is your opportunity to do exactly that.
The last Sulaymaniah BuildExpo in 2013 attracted 126 exhibitors from 15 countries, including Italy, China, Turkey, Ireland and Saudi Arabia. It’s a wide-ranging expedition, because Iraq’s building requirements are very diverse. Products you’ll be able to see include plant, construction materials and much more. If you’re looking to award a job in Iraq this is a fantastic chance to find out what the industry can deliver; for contractors you’ll be able to speak to the manufacturers and find out what products are finding favour locally.
Sulaymaniah is in Iraqi Kurdistan, one of the most stable and prosperous regions of Iraq, and it enjoys a lot of autonomy from the Baghdad government. Locally priorities are supporting the oil industry and improving the transport infrastructure, but the real need is for housing. A million new homes are scheduled to be built in Iraq over the next few years, many of them in Kurdistan, and 85% of the work will be awarded to the private sector. That means a wealth of opportunities are available for anyone who understands the Iraqi market, and this event is an unbeatable opportunity to mix and network with potential clients, decision makers and industry professionals.
Sulaymaniah BuildExpo will take place from 9-12 December 2016 at the Sulaymaniah Expo Center. With 15,000 square metres of event space this is the leading exhibition venue in northern Iraq, and it’s conveniently located just minutes from the city centre and international airport. Pre-registration is available through the event website.