CASE will be showcasing at IRE 2017

CASE Construction Equipment will be showcasing the new range of C Series mini excavators at the 4th International Rental Exhibition (IRE) which takes place in Amsterdam, from the 2nd to the 4th May 2017. The line-up will include 3 of the 6 recently launched models: a CASE CX18C, a CX26C and a CX60C.
New C Series, especially suited to the Rental Industry
The C Series mini excavators have been designed to meet the specific needs of rental fleets offering a wide range of advantages for this specific target group.
Robust design: CASE machines are specifically built to handle the strenuous, unpredictable demands of the rental business. Well protected cylinders and cylinder rods, double flanged rollers that minimize de-tracking risk, world-class component suppliers -such as Nachi swing motors and reduction gears or Nabtesco Main Control Valves – are some examples of why rental fleets can rely on the new C Series
Reliability and productivity: The C Series mini excavators are designed to enhance performance and reliability, with components sourced from the best, world-class Japanese suppliers. The proven engines and hydraulic system deliver more power, raising the machines’ performance.
The new mini excavators make the operator’s work easier, more comfortable and more productive. They include the new easy-to-read digital cluster that provides useful information and warning lights or the electric refuel pump among other features.
Versatility: On all models CASE machines offer a range of tested attachments from selected brands. This way rental companies will feel confident that they recommend the right machine for the job, not just the right machine for the attachment. Productivity can be further enhanced with the hydraulic Quick Coupler option specially designed for fast attachment changes. Additional counterweights and different track options are also available.
Easy maintenance: Daily maintenance is fast and easy, with service points accessible at ground level, so you can keep your mini excavator’s uptime to a maximum. Visitors to the show will be able to see the forward tilting cab on CX60C or the 2-piece blade hoses for quick repair.
All these CASE models, except CX18C, are Tier 4-compliant machines which also help reduce the maintenance, fuel and parts costs. Thanks to the extended life of service components rental companies will benefit from additional savings in terms of time, labour and money.
Safety-boosting features: Safety is a priority with CASE and the C Series makes no compromise in this respect. Safety features include ROPS, TOPS and FOPS compliance in all models as well as emergency stop switch, travel alarm and object handling kit. The safety valves prevent loads from slipping in case of hose failure. The pilot system with accumulator enables the operator to put the attachment down safely even when the engine is off. The double-flange rollers minimise the risk of detracking and improve stability. The outstanding all round visibility and rear view camera further enhance safety on the jobsite.
Safe transport: All machines feature welded tie down points to ensure safe transporting – complying with the European Rental Association guidelines.
CASE SitewatchTM telematics available: CASE Telematics system will improve Fleet Management for rental companies of all sizes empowering them to improve productivity, run more efficiently and decrease maintenance costs.
Ease of use: All these models include smooth hydraulics that ensure good machine controllability, easy-to-read digital cluster and the Engine Start Limitation (ESL) anti-theft system as standard
CX18C: agility in motion
The CASE CX18C stands out for powerful performance, working range and all the features it offers in this highly competitive segment. This model stands out for its compact dimensions which enable it to work efficiently with the greatest agility in the tightest spots. It features hydraulically retractable tracks with inner routing of hydraulic hoses. When the tracks are retracted, the machines are less than one metre wide. The CX18C wastes no time in getting the job done. The powerful hydraulic flow delivers outstanding digging efficiency – 5% higher than the previous models – and fast cycles. The auto shift-down function on the CX17C, which optimises traction and speed and the joystick controlled auxiliary hydraulics enable the operator to get the job done even faster.
The operator station offers high comfort, with smooth pilot controls, ergonomically placed joysticks, adjustable wrist rests and a suspension seat as standard.
The CX26C: versatility in motion
The 2.6 tonne model stands out for excellent working range, best-in-class reach and dig depth and ample boom swing angles. It is available with a choice of long and short arms, which deliver a maximum dig depth of 2,645 and 2,420mm.
This model is available with additional counterweights and rubber tracks. The standard equipment includes an emergency stop switch, pilot system with accumulator, two-speed travel with auto shift-down system, a foldable boom swing pedal, standard ESL anti-theft system, centralised greasing inlet and waterproof digital instrument cluster. The first and second joystick-controlled auxiliary hydraulics make it possible to use a wide variety of attachments – a wide integrated range of attachments is available for these highly versatile models.
The CX60C: comfort in motion
The top of the new range stands out for its best-in-class engine power and lifting capacity and comfort features. It includes factory readiness to accommodate the latest technologies that make the operator’s job easier. It all adds up to ultimate comfort for the operator, who can concentrate on getting the job done efficiently and productively with minimum fatigue.
The spacious cab with ample legroom, together with the ergonomic seating and control layout, the fully adjustable, heated seat, multiple storage compartments and sunshades, make for an extremely comfortable operator station. The extraordinarily quiet operation and the low vibrations resulting from the cab being mounted on silent blocks, add to the operator’s comfort and fatigue-free work day. The standard auto-idle further reduces the noise when the machine is not working.
The CX60C features the best instrument cluster on the market with a multi-colour, 5.7-inch LCD touchscreen. The convenient hands-free system with USB and AUX ports, SD card reader and 12V power outlet make it easy to integrate most modern mobile devices.
A complete package from CASE
The CASE team will also be on hand to supply information on all the machines ranges, plus competitive finance solutions available and extended coverage, and easy fleet management with CASE SiteWatch™ system.