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Gregory Demolition gears up with LiuGong machinery

Now approaching its 30th year in business, Essex based Gregory Demolition have recently made a significant investment in LiuGong machinery, including excavators and a wheeled loader, which have been supplied by the Portsmouth based UK dealers for LiuGong equipment Construction Plant & Machinery Sales. Having previously ran other manufacturers equipment, …

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Full of determination and grit in Russia

Klyuchischi LCC is using Volvo equipment to excavate sand and gravel from its hundred hectare quarry in Russia in extreme temperatures.   The gravel and sand industry plays an important role in Russia’s construction sector, which is growing rapidly. Kstovo is a town in the Kstovsky District of Nizhny Novgorod …

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Volvo revives marsh life

A Volvo ECR88 D-Series excavator fitted with unique swamp pads and grapples is working in the Connecticut coastal wetlands for the Wetlands Habitat and Mosquito Management (WHAMM) Program. The excavator spreads its weight over the soft marshlands. A green stretch of salt marshes had extended all the way along the …

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LiuGong Delighted with UK Market Progress

Construction Plant & Machinery Sales (SE) Ltd., the main UK dealer for LiuGong construction equipment, recently hosted a gathering of LiuGong senior management and officials from China and Europe, headed by the President of Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co Ltd., Mr Yu Chuanfen.^ Mr Yu Chuanfen and his group were given …

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Logging on at the equator

Dragging timber-filled sledges through a tropical environment, an Indonesian contractor relies on a fleet of Volvo excavators to grapple with 200,000 tons of wood a year. Sumatra, western Indonesia, is the sixth largest island in the world with a 480,000km2 landmass and a population of 50 million. Its elongated shape …

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Honey, I shrunk the wheel loader

Volvo Loader

You’ve seen on TV how they make mega factories and gigantic machines – now a new online film shows how LEGO® Technic shrank a giant Volvo wheel loader into a miniature model. Watch the film ‘Behind the design’ With 1,600 individual pieces and the largest individual element ever created for …

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