Award winner Erick Scarpone
Award winner Erick Scarpone

Caterpillar’s Erick Scarpone Named SAE/AEM Outstanding Young Engineer

MILWAUKEE (October 26, 2016)Erick Scarpone, Manufacturing Engineer 3 with Caterpillar Inc. has received the SAE/AEM Outstanding Young Engineer award in 2016 for the off-highway and powerplant industry.
The award recognizes industry and SAE leadership and involvement, and was presented at the SAE 2016 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress in October in Rosemont, Illinois.
From the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and SAE International, the award was established in 1996 and was proposed by senior engineering executives. It is administered under the auspices of the SAE Engineering Meetings Board in cooperation with AEM. Candidates are nominated by their managers, with the nomination supported by an International SAE member.
“We are pleased to support SAE and this award as part of our efforts to promote workforce development and excellence, and we congratulate Erick and wish him much success,” stated Mike Pankonin, AEM’s Senior Director Technical and Safety Services.
SAE provided background on Erick: Throughout his career, Scarpone has been known for his positive energy, motivation, performance and ability to manage complex projects. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to break through barriers and lead initiatives that drive results. Scarpone is very passionate about engineering and he shares his excitement in the community by volunteering in numerous activities that support STEM inside and outside the classroom. From building machines with teams of students, to making himself available as a mentor of young minds that are curious about pursuing a career in science, he is dedicated to our next generation of engineers.
“I have been involved with SAE one way or another for the last 11 years. Getting an award was such an unexpected honor that I will treasure for a long time. Thank you to all that supported me during these years and all of the students that keep participating in FSAE regardless of the obstacles,” stated SAE/AEM Outstanding Young Engineer award winner Erick Scarpone.