Construction and Mining Markets Get a New Trade Fair in Brazil

Investments foreseen for the period 2010-2014 in infrastructure will boost the heavy-duty construction equipment marketplace, as well as the industry of parts for heavy-duty equipment and the whole supply chain and service providers for construction and mining companies. Data from SOBRATEMA – Associação Brasileira de Tecnologia para Equipamentos e Manutenção (Brazilian Association of Technology for Equipment and Maintenance) estimate that internal sales in said segments will have an increase of 60% within 2010 and 2013, mainly stimulated by Programa de Aceleração de Crescimento II (Growth Acceleration Program II – PAC II), whose amount should exceed US$800 billion, and due to the World Cup, which should involve up to R$110 billion. “In the following year, 2014, it is foreseen the beginning of investments for the Olympic Games of 2016, and sales shall increase again, around 26%”, says Mário Humberto Marques, President of SOBRATEMA.
Another factor shows that Brazil is currently one of the main poles of investment in infrastructure in the world, according to Marques, is the position of Brazil regarding the international marketplace, especially European Union, the United States and Japan. “Our sector had a retraction of 28% in sales last year when compared to the previous year, due to the strong international crisis. However, the drop in European Union, United States and Japan was over 50%”, says Marques. “For this year, growth expectation in the yellow line equipment sales in Brazil is around 18%, while in Europe and North America it will not exceed 10%”, he says. “The future demand for construction and mining equipment will come from BRIC countries”, he foresees.
Within this positive scenario, SOBRATEMA has promoted in June the launching of a new trade fair, M&T Parts and Services 2011, gathering around 250 professionals of the equipment sector, among engineers and executives of constructing companies, lessors, manufacturers, distributors, parts and services suppliers. “We have decided to organize this new event to attend a long-date requirement from equipment-user companies, that demand solutions for maintenance of their respective fleets”, says Marques.
According to the president of Sobratema, M&T Parts and Services will be a benchmark for the sector, because it’s the only trade show in Latin America that involves the whole chain of parts for equipment, supplies and services addressed to construction and mining companies, a segment that counts on over 110 thousand industries, a fleet of around 450 thousand machine and equipment operating in worksites and mines all over the country. “Spare parts and services marketplace in the construction and mining sectors should turnover around R$12 billion a year”, he points out.
“This will be the first time the services companies are having an exclusive trade show to promote their businesses, thus M&T Parts and Services shall become the first meeting point for negotiations and the access gate to the marketplaces in Brazil and countries of South-America”, highlights Marques. The organization expects to reunite 350 exhibitors, among Brazilian and international manufacturers of equipment parts, vendors of supplies and service providers toward to construction and mining sectors, and attract 18 thousand visitors.
M&T Parts and Services will have consecutive annual editions, excepting the years of M&T Expo (equipment), which is held in a triennial edition. “This decision was taken because the demand for parts and services is done in a regular basis, differently to what occurs when buying a machine or a piece of equipment, which depends on business strategic planning”, concludes Marques.
Further information:
M&T Parts and Services 2011
Date: August 10 to 13, 2011
Venue: Centro de Exposições Imigrantes – Rodovia dos Imigrantes, nº 1500 – Jabaquara – São Paulo/SP
Source: M&T Parts and Services 2011 Press Room