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Have you ever heard about a trade show, after the event, and wished that you had known about it? Did someone tell you about an event too late, after all the tickets were sold? Construction Shows is the website for you, so that you need never miss a trade show or conference again.
For all the latest construction news and events relating to construction machinery worldwide, Construction Shows helps you keep track of all the most important industry-related conferences, exhibitions and trade shows.

To find events that are in your particular field of interest, check out the ‘Events’ page where you will find information on the up and coming events. Each event has all the contact details you will need and a summary of what you can expect. Most also carry a Google Map to help you find the venue. The handy ‘Events Calendar’ makes sure you don’t miss the event that you have been waiting for. Construction Shows is not dedicated to any particular country but encompasses a worldwide audience, however, it is easy to filter the events in a particular continent so that you don’t have to trawl through every event.

For those that are organizing an event relating to construction machinery and would like to be included in the Construction Shows listing, there is a straightforward Contact Form on the ‘Add Event’ page.

Construction Shows is not only a platform for worldwide construction industry events but also a great place to read all the latest construction news. If you want to keep abreast of all the latest construction news just fill in the form on the ‘Newsletter’ page to receive regular updates. Alternatively, follow us on Facebook or Twitter where you will see regular postings of construction news and links to the main story. Of course, you can just save us in your favorites so that you can regularly check the latest construction news and events.

If you have missed the event of your choosing, we keep all the details in our archives so that you can find an overview of every event.