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A-OSH EXPO is Africa’s leading occupational safety and health expo.

The A-OSH Expo runs concurrently with Securex South Africa, Firexpo, and Facilities Management Expo, fostering a significant overlap in the attendance of delegates. This synergy enhances the overall event experience and facilitates diverse networking opportunities among participants.

The realm of occupational health and safety in South Africa is witnessing sustained expansion across various sectors, particularly in light of the evolving work landscape. This event has gained acclaim for its inclusive seminar agenda and an extensive array of exhibitor solutions. It serves as an ideal platform for engaging with the entire health and safety industry.

A-OSH Expo is strategically tailored to cater to a distinct audience of visitors encompassing the entire purchasing chain in the health and safety sector. For those seeking effective health and safety solutions, A-OSH Expo offers a comprehensive array of options and serves as a one-stop destination.