ABC stavebníctva - záhrada
ABC stavebníctva - záhrada

ABC stavebníctva – záhrada

“ABC stavebníctva – záhrada” is a  construction and gardening related trade Shows in Slovakia


  • Construction machinery and mechanisms
  • Production technology and technology for the needs of construction engineering and production of structural elements
  • Building chemistry and construction technologies
  • Construction and insulation materials, substances, elements
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Deliveries for the completion of buildings
  • Small construction machinery, equipment for preparatory, assembly, and finishing works
  • Construction tools and instruments
  • Security, control, and measurement technology in production and on construction sites
  • Ecological construction
  • Architectural and urban projects and studies
  • Construction services, science, research in construction
  • Construction wholesale
  • Claddings, paving, floor coverings, wallpapers, blinds, home textiles
  • Sanitary ceramics
  • Fittings and tools
  • Tools, equipment, and materials for home masters
  • Materials and tools for cottage and chalet owners