Aclima is the main and most important trade event in Israel for Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating & Ventilation Systems


Aclima, recognized as the International Exhibition for Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilating & Energy Efficiency, stands as a powerhouse of innovation and transformation within the HVAC industry. Every year, this prestigious trade fair unites a diverse community of experts, professionals, and industry enthusiasts, all rallying behind a common mission: to push the boundaries of HVAC solutions while championing energy efficiency and environmentally responsible practices. Aclima is more than just an industry event; it’s the quintessential hub for anyone seeking the very latest advancements in HVAC solutions, covering everything from state-of-the-art air-conditioning systems to cutting-edge refrigeration technologies engineered to reduce environmental impact.

Within the vibrant environment of Aclima, attendees embark on a journey of exploration through the spectrum of HVAC innovation. They have the chance to immerse themselves in revolutionary heating and ventilation solutions, vital components of creating comfortable and sustainable indoor spaces. Aclima goes beyond mere product showcases; it underscores the pressing need for energy efficiency and eco-conscious practices in a world where environmental concerns loom large. The trade fair’s steadfast commitment to sustainable cooling and the relentless pursuit of energy efficiency position it at the forefront of HVAC transformation. Aclima is the epicenter of knowledge-sharing, networking, and idea exchange, offering the promise of a future where HVAC practices are not just technologically advanced but also sustainable and energy-efficient. It’s a platform where industry professionals can unearth the most current trends, connect with industry leaders, and collectively chart a path towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable HVAC landscape.