Aquatherm Tashkent
Aquatherm Tashkent

Aquatherm® Tashkent

Aquatherm® Tashkent, Central Asia’s foremost HVAC and plumbing trade fair, takes center stage in the region as a hub for innovation and industry excellence. This annual event transcends traditional trade fairs by offering industry professionals a unique platform to explore the latest trends and cutting-edge innovations in heating, water supply, and climate control. Aquatherm® Tashkent is more than a trade fair; it’s a cornerstone of HVAC and plumbing excellence in Central Asia,

It provides exclusive access to state-of-the-art technologies, sustainable plumbing solutions, heating innovations, and climate control advancements that prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency. Sustainability and eco-friendly practices take center stage, with a strong emphasis on the seamless integration of pioneering technologies. Aquatherm® Tashkent doesn’t just inform; it actively encourages professionals to embrace transformative solutions, guiding the HVAC and plumbing industries toward a more sustainable, efficient, and eco-conscious future.

Aquatherm® Tashkent is renowned for showcasing groundbreaking HVAC technologies, plumbing solutions, and climate control innovations that set new industry benchmarks. Participants gain unique insights into state-of-the-art products, equipment, and solutions that are revolutionizing the heating, water supply, and climate control sectors. Sustainability and innovation are core principles, with a profound focus on eco-friendly practices and technology integration. Beyond being a conventional trade fair, Aquatherm® Tashkent empowers professionals to actively adopt transformative solutions, propelling both the HVAC and plumbing industries in Central Asia toward a more efficient, sustainable, and prosperous future.

The event also offers invaluable networking opportunities, connecting participants with industry leaders, thought experts, and peers. Diverse educational sessions and workshops covering a wide spectrum of HVAC and plumbing topics equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the ever-evolving industry landscape. As we look ahead to the next edition of Aquatherm® Tashkent, it remains steadfast in its mission to inspire innovation, foster excellence, and set new benchmarks for technology-driven practices and advancements in the Central Asian HVAC and plumbing sectors.