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Best5 Electricity Expo

Best5 Electricity Algeria, Electricity, Power Generation and IT Exhibition  Algeria is the biggest Construction & Electricity industry trade show in North African region, BEST5 ELECTRICITY ALGERIA hosted in 2022,  75 brands from 10 countries, each bringing new values and products to the event from Turkey, India, Tunisia, Kenya, Algeria, France, Ireland, China, Serbia and Germany.

Offered products:

• Generation of Electrical Energy
• Electrical Distribution & Transmission Equipment
• Power electronics
• Electrical substations
• Power distribution and control
• Process control products
• Electricity measuring, metering and control
• Automation systems and equipment
• Lightings and lighting systems
• Maintenance and services
• Renewable energies
• New energies
• Training and education
• Turn-key contracting
• Consultancy Generation of electrical energy
• HVAC Equipment & Accessories
• Hydro Power
• Insulation material
• Installation Equipment
• Intelligent Building Products & Systems