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BHP International Fair of Safety, Occupational Health and Fire Protection

The Fair is a unique place where the common space allows to meet representatives of OSH businesses, with research centres, and thanks to the synergy of the substantive knowledge with practice, the benefits are much bigger.

Thematic scope

  • Personal protection of the workers
  • Group protection of workers
  • Protective and working shoes and clothing
  • Equipment and means protecting against fall from heights
  • First aid measures
  • Work environment monitoring
  • Control and measurement instruments
  • Working time monitoring
  • Maintenance and cleaning equipment and measures
  • OSH and fire-fighting marking and instructions
  • Fire protection and firefighting equipment and installations, facilities for fire brigades
  • Passive fire protection
  • Alarm systems, early gas and smoke detection systems
  • Rescue equipment and installations, means of transport, communication and signalling
  • Protection of devices being subject to supervision
  • Training companies and materials, teaching measures
  • Professional publications
  • Organisations, institutions, offices