China (Guangzhou) Int’l Heat Treatment & Industrial Furnace Exhibition

Exhibiting Scope

1. Various kinds of routine heat-treatment furnaces \Atmosphere stove , vacuum stove , flow state bed , ion ooze the nitrogen equipment etc.

2. Production line of heat treatment: Anneal , normalize , quench , transfer quality , reaction heat treatment , ion not to ooze production line of plating etc.

3. Technology and equipment for Surface treatment& modification

4. Heat with the cooling new technology , new installation , burn the device and technology new-typly

5. Quality control of the heat treatment , measuring the instrument and apparatus , automatic technology;

6. Electromechanics integrated technology , craft software and computer control technology
7. Auxiliary equipment of heat treatment : Washing machine , gush out balls of machine , alignment machine , supplies carry , jack-up equipment , storage equipment ,etc.;;

8. The craft material of heat treatment and auxiliary material, quenching the medium , oozing the pharmaceutical , coating, etc.

9. The craft gas of heat treatment prepares material one of various types of heat treatment, stove baseplate, material pot, etc. of system (makes the nitrogen machine , gas generator ,etc. );

10. Build the stove material , refractory material , heating the component , able to bear hot adiabatic heat insulator and relevant related components and parts ,etc.

11. Energy-saving equipment and technology of heat treatment , Surplus warm heat treatment and relevant environmental protection equipment and technology;

12. The stove kiln of industry and hot work use the equipment etc. for other trades (steel , nonferrous metals , casting , petrochemical industry , light industry , electron , glass , ceramic building materials ,etc.