Barcelona Building Construmat is one of the most important construction fairs in Europe.

At BBConstrumat we conceive, innovate, build and achieve sustainable futures

Committed to the circular economy, Construmat integrate the entire building cycle because every step is relevant and interrelated. From design and construction to Real Estate and Facility Management.

“We are the future. We promote the technological innovation that is redefining construction and Real Estate. And for the first time, we are starting TechEstate, the tech event supporting the transformation of the entire building cycle.

We are sustainability. We bring together the most committed professionals to accelerate transformation to a sustainable future for efficient, smart, affordable, healthy and responsible cities and buildings.

We operate across the entire spectrum. To achieve global change, all parties must be involved. In this edition we are growing by welcoming both the housing sector, as well as the commercial and industrial sectors.”

(Source: Construmat)