fia trade fair

FIA Lisboa

FIA Lisboa – International Craft Fair – For more than 30 years promoting regional development and the cultural identity of peoples. Where culture, traditions and stories come together, in the form of crafts and gastronomy.

It supports regional development and local cultures through various aspects of tangible and intangible cultural heritage – craftsmanship, gastronomy, natural resources, cultural and tourist activities, among others, in search of evidence for micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, related institutions, and projects for the promotion and dissemination of regions, as well as the sale of regional products.

  • Arts and crafts textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Working plant matter
  • Leather
  • Metal, stone, connected to the paper and graphic arts
  • Traditional building
  • Restoration of commons
  • Handmade F&B Products
  • Other Products and services
  • Wood and cork
  • Restoration of heritage mobile and integrated