Grand Rapids Remodeling & New Home Show

Grand Rapids Remodeling & New Homes Show

Whether you’re thinking of remodeling your current home, or starting fresh with a brand new home, the exhibitors at the Grand Rapids Remodeling and New Homes Show have you covered. Embark on your home improvement journey, whether big or small, at the show featuring nearly 200 local exhibitors! Experience a blend of Inspiration, Education, and Activation with the Designer Showcase – six impeccably finished rooms curated by top interior designers and furniture retailers, showcasing the latest colors, styles, products, and trends. Gain valuable insights at Build-It Stage seminars, covering project planning, financing, contracting, DIY considerations, and the latest innovations. Dive into hands-on training with experts from Home Repair Services in Tile grouting and drywall repair as part of the DIY Homeowner Series. Engage in the Kids’ Construction Zones, where you can construct your log cabin and color in the Construction Coloring Book. Connect with builders, contractors, and remodelers, sketch out ideas, view before-and-after photos on a big screen, and enjoy a beverage or a bite to eat. Your home transformation journey begins here!