KyivBuild is a the unique international trade show that offers a full range of technologies, materials, equipment and services for the entire construction industry, from the architect’s idea to the completion of the interior,

Following thematic sections are represented:

Building materials & equipment

Construction chemicals
Sandwich panels. Plasterboard
Cement. Concrete. Aerated concrete
Technology for the production of building materials


Metal constructions and framing systems (light steel framings, light steel thin-walled structures, prefabricated metal buildings, sandwich panels, fully finished buildings)
Galvanised corrugated sheeting, metal load bearing structures (columns, beams, girders, joints, purlins)
Rolled metal


Roofing (metal, polymeric sand, ceramic, bitumen, polymer, slate and corrugated tiles, etc)
Waterproof materials
Heat and sound insulating materials
Interiors and design
doors and locks
Cottage (wooden houses, log cabins, timber frame houses, bathhouses, gazebos)


Window, plastic, PVC, and glass technology
Facade materials and technology
Fences, gates, and automated systems

Protection, security & fire safety

Security Equipment
CCTV Monitoring and Surveillance Systems
Fire-Fighting / Fire Safety

BuildTech – International trade exhibition for construction, mining, road construction machinery.

Thematic sections:

Bulldozers, graders, excavators, earthmovers, skimmers, road rollers, levelers, heavy dumpers, payloaders, road harrows, asphalt pavers
Cranes, mobile cranes, lifting equipment, transporters
Mounted equipment
Mining and tunneling equipment
Special-purpose equipment for piping and construction of oil and gas facilities
Drilling equipment
Piling operation equipment
Equipment and machinery for building materials production, storing and transportation
Formwork and scaffolding
Reinforced concrete processing equipment
Plant and machinery for producing cement, lime and gypsum building components
Equipment, machinery and technologies for building materials and constructions production
Mining transport and equipment
Building and special transport
Road-building systems, machines and gears
Road and bridge building and maintenance machines
Special purpose and signal equipment for motorways, railways, airports, sea/river ports, tunnels and bridges
Automobile, engine and material hauling machines
Concrete pumps and autoconcrete pumps
Tools, repair facilities and auxiliary equipment
Pitting operation pumps and equipment
Compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic instruments
Measuring equipment, geodesic instruments and radars
Breakdown and demolition equipment
Construction waste and refusal recycling equipment
Machinery units, components, spare parts, materials and lubricants

KyivBuild takes place every year and is organised by PREMIER EXPO.

Source: KyivBuild Homepage