Road Construction (Minsk)

International specialised exhibition “Road Construction” held in Minsk at the exhibition centre at Football Manege, 20/2 Pobediteley Ave., Minsk

Main focus:

Planning and construction of roads and engineering structures:

  • Project institutes;
  • Building, repairing and road reconstruction organizations;
  • Materials and supplies.

Machines and equipment for road building, repairing and maintenance:

  • Graders;
  • Rollers;
  • Compactors;
  • Floor saws;
  • Road-milling machines and instruments;
  • Machines and equipment for road marking.

Machines for digging:

  • Excavator;
  • Drills and drilling tools;
  • Bulldozers;
  • Trenchers.
  • Components, spare parts for construction machines:
  • Units
  • Parts.

Technical means of traffic regulation:

  • Road signs;
  • Road marking supplies
  • Barriers;
  • Traffic lights;
  • Light equipment;
  • Information boards;
  • Deicing materials;

Road service:

  • Petrol station service;
  • Parking;
  • Roadside service: hotels, cafes, restaurants, shopping outlets.

Various business programs  including contests, seminars, conferences, special presentations, etc.are being organised also.