Building Equipment, Eltech, Materials, Tools and Equipment

Stroytech Plovdiv

International Exhibition of Construction Equipment, Electrical Engineering, Materials, Tools, Technologies

STROYTECH is the largest business forum for construction on the Balkans presenting technologies, machines, tools and materials for the construction of different types of objects, electrical appliances and electronics, interior design. Also all aspects of the construction industry and the electrical industry are covered so it is a popular trade fair by the visiting specialists and the consumers.



  • Types of construction
  • Construction machinery and mechanization
  • Construction tools and materials
  • Prefabricated construction units
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Components, materials and equipment for buildings
  • Excavators and dredging equipment
  • Road-construction machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Surveying instruments
  • Construction chemistry
  • Software products for the construction industry
  • Construction services
  • Service equipment for construction sites



  • Electrical materials
  • Electronic components
  • Electronic measuring devices
  • Electric and magnetic measuring devices
  • Monitoring and automation
  • Automatic production process control systems
  • Security systems
  • Electrical tools and machines
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electrical devices and aggregates
  • Household electronics
  • Lightning, atmospheric and surge protection
  • Insulation materials
  • Lighting equipment
  • SMD & TH assembly
  • Semiconductor materials
  • Accumulators and batteries, chargers