Fighting dust on Corsica – DF Ecology and Vinci find a fresh solution to save freshwater

DF Ecology, the Italy based manufacturer of environmentally biased construction machinery have just completed building a new Dustfighter that will operate from nebulised sea water.
On the dry and draught ridden Mediterranean island of Corsica, the lack of dust suppression on construction sites can be a major problem. In particular, the construction giant, VINCI, was working in a Corsican quarry reclaiming asbestos making water-based dust suppression vital for their safe operations. However, as their water supply began to diminish, work was eventually forced to cease. Noting the ample availability of sea water, VINCI approached several manufacturers of dust suppression equipment, but with exception of DF Ecology, all said that they were unable to help.

The DF15000-SeaWater in use in Corsica
Traditionally, DF Ecology’s range of Dustfighters operates from the provision of normal freshwater, either from an internal tank or external supply, via a hose pipe. However, the principal difficulty in using fine water-mist dust suppression on the island is the deficiency of this type of water available to produce an adequate supply. DF Ecology set about re-designing their Dustfighter DF15000 to operate from seawater, which is in plentiful supply around the island’s coast. The company remanufactured the DF15000 with internal parts made from stainless steel which helps to avoid their corrosion by sea water and added a purposely built nebuliser, which produces a precise spray ready to render the area free from harmful substances. The DF15000-SeaWater is a perfect solution to utilise abundant saltwater whilst conserving freshwater supplies for other essential services.
By operating this new DF15000 Dustfighter on their construction sites, Vinci can now be confident that their site workers are shielded from potentially injurious substances and they can ensure that supplies of much sought after freshwater is preserved for the wider community. The company praised DF Ecology for their foresight, flexibility and engineering skills to overcome this problem.
The DF15000 is a popular model from the Dustfighter range; it operates from three-phase 32amp electricity, via mains or a 35kW generator. It has a two wheeled undercarriage, tow bar, and forklift pockets. There are two height adjustable stabilisers and an integrated booster pump, with a flow meter included to aid pump protection. The set is a member of a family of dust suppression products manufactured by DF Ecology. Their Dustfighter 7500MPT scooped an award from European Rental Association, being described by the judges as a “fantastic niche product and an environmentally important one,” whilst adding, “DF Ecology is always looking for ways to develop the rental market with new and profitable rental products.”
DF Ecology is closely associated with the leading lighting manufacturer, TowerLight SRL – an established Italian company, based in Villanova d’Ardenghi, near Milan. TowerLight/DF Ecology produces and markets a wide range of lighting and environmentally centred products worldwide.
The VINCI Group was created in 1899 by French engineers Alexandre Giros and Louis Loucheur, over time VINCI has developed into one of the largest organisation in construction and related services worldwide.
Source: TOWER LIGHT Srl/DF Ecology