For five years of success in process optimization: Wolff & Müller and Volz Consulting

More than 5 years, the first pilot project took place on the digitization in road with Wolff & Müller and Volz Consulting. The right time to one conclusion to draw, because “Building with enthusiasm” is the credo of Wolff & Müller for over 80 years. One of the key strategic issues facing the company currently is the digitization: By 2020, Wolff & Müller wants to digitize all key processes. The centerpiece of the strategy is the digital planning and building with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the Bauprozessoptimierung (BPO). About BIM addition, the company uses assistive technologies such as drones and robotics, networking, virtual and augments reality. The Volz Consulting GmbH is the strategic partner for the networked construction site, especially for the advanced digital asphalting and concreting. collaborate Wolff & Müller and Volz Consulting for five years. After Wolff & Müller had the software system Bauprozessoptimierung (BPO) over 5 years ago for the first time in use, much has happened. The module is available throughout and civil engineering in use today. Added to this was the first digital and functioning in real time tool for the implementation of electronic delivery in ready-mix concrete. The vision of the digital construction site is already a reality today.

BPO Hochbau
Mohammad Alshawash operated BPO. With apps for smartphones and tablets-related information are visible everywhere. By pressing a button can respond to current circumstances.

Optimize planning and construction
Wolff & Müller has begun to various BPO modules in the different business sectors in order to network construction management and building contractors in real time. All relevant information is processed so that they are processed optimally and without media breaks können.BPO documented in asphalt road, for example, the entire process chain from planning and work preparation and installation logistics concepts to real-time controlled truck logistics.
During construction BPO not only ensures an optimally busy logistics, but also for a smooth flow of information between plant and construction site.

Fast and flexible software solutions – even for individual sites
The Volz Consulting GmbH developed at the request of Wolff & Müller a special solution for the “Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn in 2019”. more than 1.5 million cubic meters of earth were moved on the project, all of which were documented on the mobile app BPO Earthworks.
Operation is as simple as well as efficient: Each loading and unloading is documented by pressing a button via GPS and transmitted in real time to the construction management. The creation of mass balances and the analysis is fully automatic. A job that would otherwise require a lot of manpower.
Volz Pr
From civil engineering to construction
The experience Volz Consulting has gained from the BPO and civil engineering, could be in 2017 transferred to the building construction. Wolff & Müller was looking for a solution to make the data of the concrete deliveries in real time on the construction site in building construction. After defining the relevant requirements Volz Consulting developed a tailor-made tool called BPO mix concrete. So that the polishing can make the ordering schedules of the concrete deliveries digitally on a laptop or tablet PC. During construction, the entire process can be monitored from delivery work on the logistics to concreting and documented. The foreman confirmed BPO mix concrete the start and end of discharge. These time stamps can be used for automatic accounting between suppliers and contractors. As in all BPO modules ease of use is still the top priority. In a few steps, it is possible to trigger order processes to document the concreting from transport to discharge and transfer the data into the Betoniertagebuch.
Balance: 500 projects with BPO realized
The results of the collaboration speak for themselves. In nearly 500 projects BPO is in Wolff & Müller successfully been in use and provides a continuous and rapid construction process safely. Here, more than 2.5 million tons of asphalt and concrete with the BPO modules were planned and built.

Dr Albert Duerr

Wolff & Müller can implement projects effectively and efficiently in a highly competitive market and with increasing complexity. In the future, Wolff & Müller will continue to rely on innovative products from the house Volz Consulting to speed up the digitization and optimize the construction process continues. Dr. Albert Duerr, managing director of Wolff & Müller Group summarizes the experience as follows: “The digitization is a key part of our future strategy. Volz Consulting supported us with the BPO modules for process optimization both in construction and civil engineering and building construction. We can now share information consistently and better network with suppliers to make the planning and execution more transparent and more efficient “.
The Volz Consulting GmbH is the European market leader in the field of digitization of operational processes in civil engineering. In Germany, more than 40 contractors working with the modules of the process optimization solution BPO. Internationally, the Volz Consulting GmbH is active in 12 countries.