Full Slate of Coverage Dedicated to Off-Highway Vehicle Markets across Asia

The road construction equipment market has witnessed significant growth in recent years, due in large part to a series of infrastructure programs initiated by local and national governments in the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, the development of advanced vehicles equipped with emission control systems, has spurred demand for construction machinery across a wide range of applications, including irrigation projects, power plants, residential structures, and bridges.
At the 5th Asia Off-Highway Vehicle Summit 2018, on June 21-22 in Singapore, government officials, and representatives of leading companies and trade associations will gather to share experiences and opinions on the flourishing off-highway vehicle industry in Asia. The summit will equip attendees with information on the latest market conditions and trends, and government policies and regulations for the off-highway vehicle industry, enabling them to take advantage of opportunities in emerging Asian markets.
Over the course of the summit, speakers will address emission standards and government infrastructure projects in major jurisdictions, as well as optimal fuel efficiency practices, and forecasts of future market growth. Further content will detail the state of the construction equipment market, hydraulic systems, vehicle electrification, after-treatment technologies, and strategies for OEMs to conform to consumer demand.
The 5th Asia Off-Highway Vehicle Summit 2018 follows more than twenty successful events, in which organizer Duxes has collaborated with the off-highway vehicle industry to shed light on emerging markets around the world. In the wake of the evolving market environment for off-highway vehicles across Asia, Duxes hopes to facilitate growth and technological progress within the industry at this crucial time. Professionals working in the off-highway vehicle industry, or in related fields, are invited to attend.
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