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Giving space to new ideas: Recycling concepts and start-ups at NordBau.

(Neumünster) Construction is associated with a high consumption of resources, and also with strong emissions. Both require new approaches – at a time when savings and sustainability are the order of the day for almost all economic and social sectors. Because building is still necessary: scarce living space and increasingly dilapidated infrastructure should be a thing of thepast.

Schleswig-Holstein Materials Testing Institute and Forum for the Circular Economy in Construction

Building and sustainability – how do they go together? Approaches to solving this problem will be presented at NordBau by the Forum Kreislaufwirtschaft Bau network and the Materialprüfanstalt Schleswig-Holstein in Hall 1. The association of important players and associations in the construction industry, led by the Technical University of Applied Sciences Lübeck and the testing institute located there, would like to jointly draw attention to the importance of the circular economy in construction and present its possibilities. The aim is to plan and implement construction projects in such a way that, on the one hand, as few resources as possible are used and, on the other hand, individual materials can be reused later in the best possible way. Prof. Dr. Raphael Kampmann, Professor of Building Materials Technology at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Lübeck and Head of the Materials Testing Institute SH, emphasizes: “The aspect of “ReUse” should always be taken into consideration in a building project. Our laboratory can contribute to optimization through material testing. The term waste must be redefined and lived., because in most cases, previous waste is another mineral building material that just needs to be put to the correct further use.”

There is not yet a suitable solution for everything, which is why one focus of the players in Hall 1 is on the exchange of different disciplines and ideas. Planners and architects, associations and administrations, crafts, and science.

Start-up Stage 2023 – new companies meet established industry players

Networking and exchange is also the motto of the Start-up Stage 2023, which will be presented for the first time in Hall 4. LECTURA GmbH initiated this format with the support of the Federal Association of Digital Construction (BDBau). Young companies are given the opportunity here to enter into conversation with the classic construction industry. Ideas and concepts can be presented, pitfalls identified, and deadlocked paths broken. It is intended to be a mutual exchange that can be continued throughout the year on various channels. On all five days of the fair, there will be short presentations of the start-ups on a separate stage in Hall 4, the contact persons will otherwise be available for an uncomplicated get-to-know-you session.

Figures, data, and facts

With around 69,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space and over 20,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space, NordBau is considered the most important compact construction trade fair in northern Europe and the entire Baltic Sea region. Annually up to 800 exhibitors from 13 countries meet about 63,000 visitors. About 60 seminars and events register approx. 4,500 conference participants, with half of the conferences being recognized by the SH Chamber of Architects and Engineers as official training events. Since 1956, exhibitors have used NordBau to reach both the numerous trade visitors and end customers

(both public and private builders). NordBau has a high level of acceptance and appeal for all those interested in construction and for those working in the construction industry. Furthermore, NordBau has been closely associated with the partner country Denmark for more than 45 years, which sees the trade fair as the basis for the German and European market.

Source: Nordbau Press