Hill Engineering show the new Hill TEFRA Tilt Hitch at Scotplant 2016.

Since its launch in 1998 Scotplant has been promoted as ‘the exhibition where deals are done’ and the 2016 event is on track to successfully showcase quality equipment to the right buyers once again. Hill Engineering, a leading attachment manufacturer based in Newry Northern Ireland, has signed on the dotted line to exhibit and will be at the show with its new TEFRA Tilt Hitch, the award winning TEFRA Coupler and its Hill Titan Buckets.
The Hill TEFRA Tilt hitch was born from the innovation of the TEFRA originally brought to market in 2011. This tilt system allows operators greater flexibility in the way they use their machines and turns each and every attachment into one that can be used at up to 180 degrees. Hill engineering have used the award winning TEFRA system as the core of the product and introduced the hugely reliable tilt motor from HKS of Germany to achieve the 180-degree tilt function.
Oliver Phelan, Hill Engineering’s sales & marketing manager said, “We see this market growing significantly in the coming months and years as operators’ demand more from their machines potentially enter into new markets.” The quality associated with the Hill and TEFRA brands, coupled with the unrivalled back up services for our clients, means the TEFRA tilt should be an essential tool in any operators’ kit bag.”
About the TEFRA Tilt Hitch.
The award winning TEFRA coupler and the HKS Extra Tilt Power Actuator have been united to provide users with two market leading technologies that, according to Hill Engineering, will transform the productivity of the users excavator. With a tilt angle of 180 degrees on all models, this ground breaking product will enable users to increase the versatility of their attachments in multiple applications.
Robust & Simple Design – is at the Heart of the TEFRA Tilt.
Hill Engineering say that the simple and robust design of the TEFRA Tilt sets this product apart from other suppliers. The TEFRA comes with just three moving parts and has been proven to be the most reliable quick coupler on the market today. Additional to this, the HKS XtraTilt Power Actuator is self-lubricating and essentially maintenance free, so that users are able to concentrate on the important tasks. There can be no damage to tilt cylinders and failure of their connecting parts, such as fastening bolts and bushes, because the Power Actuator has none of these.
Key Features of the TEFRA Tilt Hitch.

  1. Award winning TEFRA coupler
  2. Simple & robust design
  3. Tilt angle of 180 degrees
  4. Single cylinder operation, removing complexity
  5. HKS Extra Tilt – essentially maintenance and wear free
  6. Exceeds current and expected global safety standards
  7. Available for excavators 3T-20T

The Hill Engineering TEFRA Quick Coupler.
The award winning fully automatic coupler TEFRA will also be on display at Scotplant. The TEFRA has transformed health and safety on construction sites around the world – and has been significant in Hill’s financial growth and increase in market share. TEFRA has proved itself to be the safest coupler on the market today – with only three moving parts – it has proven to reduce downtime extensively and make customers more productive in their operations.
The safety systems in the TEFRA eliminate one of the most dangerous aspects of handling attachments, which is the risk of attachments coming away completely. Hill Engineering solved this by using a positive locking system rather than a gravity locking system, making the crucial safety feature ‘active’ and not ‘passive’ in the way it works.
Completely manufactured in the UK, the TEFRA components are cast, which means its lower in weight and higher in strength.
You’ll find Hill Engineering on Stand number 8 Avenue B at Scotplant 2016 on 22nd & 23rd April at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh.