Hyundai Construction Equipment prepare their excavators for Engcon tiltrotators

Bauma, Munich, 8 – 14 April 2019, Open-air ground FM 812A
Tessenderlo, Belgium – At this year’s Bauma Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) and the Swedish expert for tiltrotators, Engcon, announce a cooperation in terms of product completion. The collaboration means that Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) will factory-mount Engcon’s proportional control system DC2 on its excavators to be easily equipped with an Engcon tiltrotator*.

The new stage V HX300AL 30 tonne excavator fitted with an Engcon tiltrotator
HCE and Engcon: a perfect match
The first Engcon-equipped excavators will be shown at Bauma 2019. Subsequently, Hyundai will roll out its Engcon-prepared excavators continuously during 2019. Customers of a Hyundai excavator are now able to order a machine which will have an Engcon tiltrotator readymounted by the factory. That means no lengthy or complicated retrofit at the dealer or customer site needed anymore, including a factory-installed technology, passing the same quality gates as the machine. The excavator comes ready prepared with a “plug-and-play” solution, with integrated electric and hydraulic controls. The product range can now cover excavators from a lightweight 1 ton to a 33 tonne heavy machine.
On top of that Engcon provides a fully hydraulic quick coupler, known as EC-Oil, as part of this one-stop solution. The EC-Oil fully hydraulic quick coupler creates a connection to the machines’ hydraulics, electrics or even a central lubrication system, allowing rapid changes of work tools with maximum safety. The operator does not have to leave the cabin to manually connect hoses for the use of any attachments with one or multiple hydraulic functions. In addition, Engcon offers a wide range of special customer-oriented accessories, such as purpose-built buckets, a timber or stone sorting grab, a rotating brush, a compactor and many more.
The brand new HX85A midi excavator fitted with an Engcon DC2 at Bauma
Focus on best in class customer experience
Both companies share a similar philosophy and have the same sense of customer care. Both, HCE and Engcon are built on a strong foundation of rock-solid and robust products and both are serving the global construction community for many decades. With a long history in delivering first class products to the market, each one of the future partners has already created a legacy for their own customer base, which applies today and in the future.
“We see an incredible potential in the product tiltrotator as it increases the excavator’s efficiency. That is why we decided to offer this solution to our customers”, says Peter Sebold, Construction Equipment Product Specialist at HCEE. In addition, he states that the first step is to equip excavators for the European market and later introduce it to other markets. A decision that Engcon’s CEO, Krister Blomgren thinks is wise: “First and foremost, we are both happy and proud that Hyundai has made the decision to prepare its excavators for Engcon’s tiltrotators. Then it feels wise that they start with the European market which is both more mature for the technology itself and so closer to us to support them at the beginning of our cooperation.”
Hyundai and Engcon are proud of the newly formed cooperation, which is the result of their long market presence combined with in-depth experience of the needs and requirements of their customers. Both companies are looking forward to forging a strong partnership creating a triple-win solution, with the customer in first line.
*A tiltrotator is a kind of tilting and rotation quick coupler that allows the operator to dig in several directions without moving the excavator. The tiltrotator reduces the working time, fuel consumption and manual labour. It also reduces the need of work space and saves the environment around the machine. You can connect all type of tools, such as buckets, grabbers, compactor plates, etc on the tiltrotator. See how the tiltrotator works:

Source: HCEE Press