Hyundai Enrols in the CESAR Club

From 1st January 2020, Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe will fit CESAR to all its range of Hyundai excavators and wheeled loaders imported into the UK and Ireland, from its South Korean factory.

Tony Reeves Hyundai UK and Ireland Sales Manager and Rachel Hamilton Business Development Executive Datatag – with the first machines fitted with Datatag CESAR marking at Tilbury Port, Essex.
The CEA’s (Construction Equipment Association’s) official CESAR Scheme, powered by Datatag technologies, has protected more than 300,000 registered machines since the scheme was first launched in 2007 – and equipment theft has markedly reduced, by over 60%, in that time. Recovery rates for CESAR registered machines is also significantly higher at 28%, than non-CESAR registered machines which show a recovery rate of just 8%.
Commenting on the adoption of CESAR, Hyundai’s regional sales manager UK and Ireland, Tony Reeves said, “We are delighted to announce the adoption of the CESAR Scheme on all of our excavators distributed in the UK and Ireland, we see this as a significant benefit for our customers. Our network of UK and Irish dealers also sees the adoption of the identification scheme as the obvious step for Hyundai in the fight against machinery theft and protecting customers’ assets.”
Reeves added, “Our customers’ investment is instantly protected from would-be thieves by the CESAR anti-theft ID. The Scheme is a proven Crime Prevention Product, reducing the likelihood of theft by in the region of 10-times. There’s also the added benefit of reduced insurance premiums.”
Jack Couch Shipping Agent MK Shipping, Tony Reeves Hyundai UK and Ireland Sales Manager, Rachel Hamilton Business Development Executive Datatag and Rhys Hymas Operations Manager MK Shipping – with the first machines fitted with Datatag CESAR marking at Tilbury Port, Essex.
Kevin Howells, CEO of Datatag said “It’s great news that Hyundai have committed to fit CESAR as standard to all UK and Irish-bound excavators – it’s clear that Hyundai understands and have responded to their customers’ concerns about plant theft. The CESAR Scheme greatly reduces the risks of theft and has produced some very positive results since its launch in 2007.”
Howells added, “Hyundai join a host of leading OEMs who support the Scheme and we are delighted to welcome the brand into the CESAR fold!”
Rob Oliver, CEO of the CEA said, “It is good that another leading brand has joined the CESAR programme. It is recognised that the scheme now offers great asset management opportunities to add to its success as an anti-plant theft initiative.”
The official CESAR Scheme’s success in deterring theft comes from the multi-layered technologies supplied by security specialists Datatag. These include the now-iconic and uniquely numbered tamper-evident triangular ID plates, hidden RFID transponders, microscopic Datadots and a unique forensic DNA solution. Once fitted these technologies are almost impossible to remove successfully and when recorded on Datatag’s secure database, are accessible to the police 24/7enabling them to identify any machine at the roadside night or day.
A further benefit to customers of brands fitting CESAR to their machines is that many leading insurers provide insurance premium discounts of up to 20% off for all protected and registered equipment.
Source: Hyundai UK Press