Hyundai to show an extensive selection of new and an improved range of industrial trucks at IMHX.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe (HHIE), with the support of the UK’s Hyundai forklift dealer network, will present an extensive display of its new and revised range of industrial trucks, including a brand new warehouse equipment range, at the IMHX materials handling exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham in September (13th – 16th).
The Hyundai display will include six forklift models from 1.5 to 8 tonnes lift capacity, including electric and diesel-powered lift trucks. Also on display will be the Hyundai range of warehouse trucks and a brand new reach truck – the 1.6 tonne BRJ-9.
1. 15BTR-9 – Electric Forklift Rear Wheel Drive
2. 15BT-9 – Electric Forklift Front Wheel Drive
3. 35DA-9 – Diesel Forklift
4. 80D-9 – Diesel Forklift
5. 25BH-9 – Electric Forklift
6. 50DA-9 – Diesel Forklift
7. 16BRJ-9 -Reach Truck – New Machine.
8. 18EP – Warehouse Truck Pedestrian Model – New
9. 20EPR – Warehouse Truck Ride-On Model – New
10. 15ES – Warehouse Tuck Ride-On Model – New
11. 15ESR – Warehouse Truck Ride-On Model – New

The compact 15BTR-9 (rear wheel drive ,24V) and the 15BT-9 (front wheel drive, 48V) will be on display on the Hyundai stand. These three wheel forklifts provide every operator with smooth running, increased productivity, and easy maintenance through its self-diagnostic LCD monitor. The machines have a load capacity of 1500kg (1.5 tonne) complete with a V400 mast.
Hyundai do not compromise on safety features on its forklift range and offer wet disk brakes as standard on all models, which competitors often replace with less powerful drum brakes. By using wet disk brakes the maintenance costs on this range of forklift machines are also considerably lower.
The 35DA-9 has a lift capacity of 3500 kg’s (3.5 tonne) with a load centre of 500 mm. New optional features on this machine include the newly designed fingertip system which combines the ease of the mini-levers with the directional switch mounted on the console. Also new is the Rear View Camera (option) The view from the camera will automatically be on the display when the reverse direction is selected. The 35DA-9 is also fitted with full LED lights as standard.
The 35DA-9 is driven by a high powered Kubota V3307 50kW/2,300 rpm engine (-9) for heavy applications. The Stage IIIB Kubota engine is ultra-low in emissions and uses only a diesel oxidation catalyst avoiding the use of a DPF filter which reduces down-time and no additives are used which in turn makes it ‘hassle free for the operator’.
Also on the stand will be the 80D-9 diesel counterbalance forklift with a lift capacity of 8000 kg at a load centre of 600mm. This machine comes with new features which include a newly designed cabin with automatic air-conditioning and an electric parking break. The machine is powered by a Stage IV Cummins engine QSF3.8 producing 75 kW, these South Korean manufactured lift trucks, can be used in building material factories as well as on large construction sites, ports and heavy industry. The 80D-9 machine benefits from a new and improved cabin a front, top and rear wiper a tilting cabin and hydraulic pilot system.
The -9 Series of diesel trucks are fitted with and advanced LCD digital colour monitor which keeps the operator fully informed, not only about general operational data, but also safety warnings and speed limits are also visible. All the settings of the machine can be managed through the LCD display which also has trouble shooting tools that are able to reduce downtime and minimises the use of a laptop for diagnostics and repair.
With all machines in the new -9 diesel and battery range a speed limiter comes as standard which is easy to program via the machines display monitor enabling smooth and safe operation of the vehicle.
Another benefit to the Hyundai forklift range is the machines are low maintenance and the need for servicing is kept to a minimum, with very little downtime, which increases productivity.
Hyundai breaks new ground with the reliable four-wheel counterbalance 25BH-9, 2500 kg (2.5 tonne) electric forklift. From its durable frame to its smart ZAPI controller – you’re always ready to do a great job. An anti-rollback system, curve control system an optional weight indicator provides extra safety.
Other new features on the 25BH-9 include the newly designed fingertip control levers (optional) which allow more precise control and fatigue-free working. The newly designed cabin was conceived for more space, a wider field of view and operator comfort and the ergonomically designed armrest can be adjusted up, down, forward and backward for various operator’s body type.
The 50DA-9 four-wheel diesel counterbalance forklift is the final machine in the forklift range to be on the stand at IMHX. The compact forklift with a lift capacity of 5000kg (5 tonne) at load centre of 600mm machine is powered by a Stage IV Cummins engine QSF3.8 producing 75 kW. The 4 cylinders’ turbo-charged engine is built for power, reliability and economy whilst the upgraded HPCR System provides an excellent start. The engine is low noise, low vibration and the Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR) -Reduces NOx emissions to near-zero level without the need for a DPF.
The 50DA-9 also benefits from a newly designed larger cabin fitted with a Grammer seat as standard which provides great comfort. And the angle of the armrest can be adjusted to reduce the fatigue of the driver. A heated seat and headrest are also available options.
A new electric hand brake system is combined with an anti-roll back function on machines from 2.2-3.5 tonne models – this is linked to the OPSS (Operator presence sensing system). This means that if the machine is inclined more than three-degrees and the machine comes to a stop, the handbrake is automatically activated to prevent the machine rolling back. To release this function, the driver pushes the accelerator to regain normal movement without wheel spin.
A new machine making its show debut is the 16BRJ-9 electric reach truck. The newly designed sit-on reach truck provides every operator comfortable driving, increased productivity and easy maintenance.
The new steering control coupled with the new Electric Power Steering control gives the operator exceptionally smooth and controlled steering for tight spaces.
The LCD colour monitor with 3.5-inch graphic smart display allows the operator to easily and efficiently control the machine. The monitor provides information about speed and accelerator level, steer angle and travel direction, battery discharge indicator, hour metre and working mode. The optional load indicator displays the load weight in the monitor. The optional indicator displays the height of fork in the monitor. The operator can select various performance modes to meet all working conditions. The monitor also displays information about operation error, system fault, battery level, hour meter plus other various functions. It enables the operator to maintain the forklift in optimum operating condition.
The high technology ZAPI Controller is almost noiseless – the 8kHz (high frequency) controller provides smooth quiet operation and protection from low and high voltage, overheating and also records faults with the machine.
New range of Hyundai Warehouse Trucks at IMHX
Hyundai is using IMXH to launch a brand new range of electric Ride-On and Pedestrian Warehouse trucks – the 18EP, 20EPR, 15ES and the 15ESR. The new range has a lifting capacity from 1.5 to 2. tonnes.
All the trucks in the new range have excellent manoeuvrability and are designed with a short chassis which means the machines have a small turning radius and are easy to use in confined spaces. The ‘Turtle Button’ allows precise operations in small areas and the operator is able to work with the Tiller in a completely upright position which makes the truck more stable when unloading.
Hyundai also use reliable parts on the new range of machines from renowned suppliers which makes the machines more durable and reliable. The machines have welded forks which adds to the durability and strength of the machines.
Safety is also a major priority with the new range and the machines are manufactured with an anti-roll back system and a regenerative braking system with intelligent speed control – this means the machine will automatically slow down when changing direction. Also the speed is reduced when descending a ramp which ensures the safety of the operator and warehouse personnel.
The new range offers as standard a side battery removal system for multiple shift operation. At the end of the vehicles shift it’s easy to change the spent battery and replace with a new one ready for the next shift. The machines also benefit from a battery locking system which secures the battery in position for added safety which prevents the machine from operating if the battery is not the correct position.
The 18EP and the 15ES are Pedestrian models one of the main features of these machines is the long tiller which ensures a low steering force when manoeuvring – this safeguards the operator from being too close to the machine and prevents unnecessary accidents.
The 20EPR and the 15ESR are Ride-On machines which are manufactured with a folding stand-on platform so the operator does not have to walk beside the machine to operate. The suspended platform guarantees a safe and comfortable ride for the operator and is especially effective and easy to operate on an uneven surface.
Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe will be supported at the exhibition by the company’s main UK dealers, Acclaim Handling, Euro Trucks Direct, Hessle and Hystackers and their respective regional dealer network. Representatives from each of the dealers will be on the stand on each day of the IMHX show.