Integrated window ventilation provides heat recovery

The world’s best manufacturers of aluminum systems on the market will demonstrate their latest products at Bulgarian Building Week 2014
This year, the International specialized exhibition of energy efficient, ecological and functional construction will again introduce the energy saving trends in the sector. From 19 to 22 March at Inter Expo Center – Sofia the visitors may review and learn in detail about the latest products, including doors, windows and facades. Leading companies in the industry will showcase their latest innovative solutions in structural glazing.
Schüco SimplySmart
VELUX, the market leader in roof windows will present a wide range of roof windows and light tunnels, as well as light solutions for flat roofs. The company will offer different types of decoration and sun blinds and shades, outdoor roller shutters, installation products, remote control products. The exhibition truck of the German concern SCHUCO, with which the company ALUKONIGSTAHL traditionally participates in the specialized exhibition, will allow visitors to visually inspect the various systems for doors, windows, facades, fittings, fire- protection systems.
One of the highlights in the presentation of the company will be the window integrated heat recovery ventilation – Schuco VentoTherm. The main advantages of the efficient system solution for building ventilation are the automatic sensor ventilation, 45% heat recovery, small dimensions and achieved value of insulation – up to 42dB. Thanks to the ventilation, the achieved energy savings go up to 35 %.
According to Klimentin Chernev (Arch., M. Eng.) – managing director of ALUKONIGSTAHL, the force of habit in terms of construction , which allowed for complete freedom of selection of materials, products and technologies , has been already ceased. Quality is now at a higher demand, investors are increasingly relying on high-quality products for quality systems. Exhibitions, such as Bulgarian Building Week are needed because they bring together the interests of producers and end consumers, said Mr. Chernev. The exhibitions are between the few opportunities to learn about the products, to establish new contacts between investors, architects, suppliers and system developers, distributors of products.
The international construction forum will be held in parallel with the exhibitions of SofiaLogExpo and Security Expo, thereby attracting greater visitor interest and increasing the effect for the business participants and exhibitors.
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Source: Bulgarian Building Week