Interbuild Africa
Interbuild Africa

INTERBUILD AFRICA – Africa's Greatest Building and Construction Exposition

Johannesburg will host this year’s INTERBUILD AFRICA 2018 show. This is Africa’s greatest building service provider and construction exposition. INTERBUILD AFRICA will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, an event set to kick off from 15th to 18th August. The last event of this kind to be hosted was the 2014’s INTERBUILD AFRICA trade fair held from 20th to 23rd August 2014. This year’s event will be a definitive one in the calendar of building and construction industry. Technological innovators have an opportunity to showcase their latest resource efficient creative assets, and for the buyers this is a “one of its own” platform to acquaint themselves with the most recent building and construction services that yet to hit the market.
INTERBUILD AFRICA also presents other co-located unparalleled shows such as the GLASS EXPO, PLUMBDRAIN, SANI’TER, HARDEX, ECOAFRIBUILD and WOODWORLD AFRICA to a targeted industry audience. The exposition services offered includes the walk-on packages, tailor made packages, electrical and water supply installations, state of the art shell systems, telephone hire, carpeting, security, budget analysis systems and exhibitor catalogues among numerous other Specialized Expository Montgomery.
The co-located GLASS EXPO provides a perfect platform for glass and Aluminum exhibitors to showcase their latest products and services. With various possible buyers among the thousand attendees, leading manufacturers, processors and wholesalers no doubt have the best chance of influencing and stirring up possible buyers. ECOAFRIBUILD on the other hand offer industry players an ideal platform to present their technological innovations on sustainable building and construction products. ECOAFRIBUILD is committed to spurring an eco-friendly building and construction industry. Exhibitors present extensive products ranging from renewables, environmentally clean building materials, energy efficient lighting and air conditioning systems among many more green products and services.
PLUMBDRAIN AFRICA offer unrivalled plumbing, sanitation, draining and sanitary ware exposition all over Africa. Domestic household together with a variety of both commercial and industrial products and services are what graces this co-located trade fare. The SANI’TER AFRICA 2018 is dedicated to presenting better water resource management, sanitation and waste water management. SANI’TER AFRICA functions alongside PLUMBDRAIN AFRICA.
HARDEX AFRICA is one of the leading hardware events exhibiting unrivalled products and services such as power tools, hand tools, world class building materials, plumbing adhesives, locks, sealants and fittings. WOODWORLD on the other hand offer players in the forestry, woodworking and furniture industries the latest products on these fields. WOODWORLD South Africa is better placed get access to more opportunities due to South Africa’s high per capita furniture consumption.
Exhibitors at INTERBUILD Africa get the opportunity to encounter new as well as existing customers, build their brands alongside the industry’s best products and also such platform serves to provide new opportunities for future businesses.