INTERMAT 2024: the low carbon theme also at the heart of the show to improve its environmental performance

Focussing on the theme of low carbon in the construction sector, the 2024 edition of INTERMAT aims to be the showcase for excellence in an industry fully mobilised in the race to net zero.

This approach also applies to the exhibition through the five commitments in the CSR charter drawn up by INTERMAT to improve the event’s environmental performance, make it more responsible, and invite its exhibitors and visitors to drive change themselves by applying innovative and more sustainable solutions.

The five commitments in the INTERMAT CSR charter

#1 – Optimise the eco-design of the show and act in favour of the circular economy

INTERMAT undertakes to reduce signage and favour the use of recycled and recyclable materials (printed documents, badge holders and badges) with a target of +20% recovery/recycling; use eco-friendly materials to build the exhibition’s public areas, with a minimum target of 50% of the space eco-designed; provide self-service water fountains in the show’s public areas; dematerialise its essential tools (interactive map, access badges) with the goal of halving printing and saving more than three tonnes of paper; and improve communication on waste sorting towards exhibitors and visitors.

#2 – Reduce the show’s carbon footprint

INTERMAT undertakes to apply an energy sobriety plan by cutting heating by 10% compared with the previous show; switching off equipment outside opening hours; replacing incandescent bulbs by LEDs, and laying on electric shuttles between the airport and the exhibition centre, and a small electric train to take people around the show.

#3 – Encourage exhibitors to take part in the event with a CSR approach

INTERMAT undertakes to organise an Eco-friendly Participation Award; offer reusable stands or eco-designed fitted stands (reused structure, hired furniture, LED lighting, carpet tiles); offer access to a responsible material library; pool orders of glasses, bottles and cups that are reusable, made in France, recycled or recyclable, and pool the transport of stand supplies for stand set-up and dismantling.

#4 – Raise visitor awareness on enjoying the event more responsibly

INTERMAT undertakes to publicise its responsible approach and sustainable actions implemented ahead of the show; promote the eco-attitudes to adopt as part of their attendance; set up a partnership with BlaBlaCar to encourage carpooling; organise talks on CSR themes, and plan specific reception and personal services (loan of manual wheelchairs, hotline for access from car parks) for people with a disability.

#5 – Put on events to support the economic performance of communities

INTERMAT undertakes to create an employment-focussed meeting zone, with job dating sessions for companies from the building and public works sector that offer recruitment opportunities, enable them to present their action plans to deal with labour shortages, their training policy, and the wide range of job disciplines that they offer; and set up partnerships with schools and colleges to help students get started in their career and enable companies to meet young talent.

Source: Intermat Press