International tender for construction of a new city in Turkmenistan coming soon!

The construction of new Abadan town is to start in 2012. In accordance with the general plan, the construction project is to be implemented in three phases. The first phase is to be completed in 2012-2020, the second and third phases in 2020-2030.
The construction of a new village in the territory of Yasmansalyk Gengeshlik in Ruhabat Etrap is to start in 2012-2016. Comfortable apartment houses and social and cultural facilities are to be built there.
Foreign construction companies intending to develop mutually beneficial partnerships may participate actively in the implementation large-scale urban development programs deployed in Turkmenistan.
At the 4th International exhibition “Turkmen Construction 2012” you are welcome to exhibit your best advantages and projects, to present modern developments and technologies, which could result in making certain contracts and building projects in Turkmenistan.
Ministry of Construction of Turkmenistan
Ministry of Industry and Construction Materials of Turkmenistan
Turkmenawtoyollary State Concern
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan
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Source:  Turkmen Construction 2012 News Room