International Trade Visitors Come to the ReTEC 2017 in Augsburg

From 25 to 27 April the business world for used machinery and equipment will meet in Augsburg. Some international visitor groups have already registered and Augsburg is getting ready for trade visitors from all over the world.
Augsburg – Particularly in newly industrialising countries and developing nations, used machinery is essential for boosting technical development. For this reason, these countries show a keen interest in the international trade fair for used machinery and equipment. Visitor groups from the following countries have already registered with the ReTEC 2017: Egypt, Armenia, China,India, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey and the Ukraine. Enquiries from about a dozen additional international visitor groups have already been received.
The project manager of the ReTEC, Henning Könicke, explains why Augsburg is the perfect venue for the international trade fair: “We, AFAG Messen und Aus stellungen GmbH, have already been organising several international trade shows like the interlift and the GrindTec in Augsburg and the location has always proved to be a success. The atmosphere is personal and friendly and offers good opportunities for networking, apart from the exchange of information between professionals. We have already ensured that all the required framework conditions for ReTEC, such as the availability of hotel allotments and shuttle transfers to international airports, have been fulfilled.”
In November, the ReTEC participated in the UMEX 2016 in Chennai, India. At this trade fair for used machinery in the Asian region, visitors showed great interest in the RETEC 2017 in Augsburg. The ReTEC is supported by the inter-trade organisations FDM (Trade Association for Machine Tools + Tooling – Fachverband des Maschinen- und Werkzeug-Großhandels e. V.) and the EAMTM (European Association of Machine Tool Merchants). The priority areas of the fair are focussed on construction machinery, industrial trucks and agricultural machinery, as well as on metal working machines and machine tools. Apart from used machinery, several service providers specialised in retrofitting, decommissioning and reassembly, as well as the special transportation required for various types of machines, are represented at the ReTEC. For this reason, the ReTEC offers a comprehensive range of services related to used machinery and equipment. Different sector-specific media companies use the meeting point at the ReTEC and are partners of the trade fair. The online ticket shop already now offers the tickets for the ReTEC on The ReTEC is organised by AFAG in cooperation with Hess GmbH.
Starting 2017, the venue of the ReTEC will alternate between Augsburg and Essen. The fair will always take place in April, at the same time as the trade fair Hannover Messe.
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