Investments in the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) should reach 19.5% of Brazil’s GDP this year

This is the background of Brazil Road Expo 2012, the most sought-after event in South America that gathers solutions for paving technology, road and highway infrastructure.
The secretary of the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) of the Ministry of Planning, Mauricio Muniz Barreto de Carvalho, said the program’s investments shall achieve this year, 19.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), up from 15.3% of which was invested in 2010. The expectation, he said, is that investments continue to grow and come to represent something like 25% of GDP by 2014. PAC investments are focused in the infrastructure sectors of transportation, energy, sanitation, housing and water resources.
The secretary does not believe that PAC’s investments could be affected by a worsening of the global economic crisis. “Just as occurred in the crisis of 2009, the PAC will be preserved, and it is an important tool to reduce or cool the effects of the crisis”, Carvalho said.
“To keep investing heavily in infrastructure is part of our strategy to ensure that the development in Brazil keeps pace appropriate”, said Brazil’s president, Dilma Roussef, who added: “It is also our way to say no to the international crisis“.
This “keep going” environment is the background of Brazil Road Expo 2012, which will be held from April 02 to 04, in São Paulo, Brazil. Comprised of trade show and conference program, the event will bring together 250 exhibiting companies and expects to receive over 12,000 professional visitors.
According to the research “Major Infrastructure Investments in Brazil until 2016”, carried out by Brazilian Association of Equipment Technology and Maintenance, Sobratema – one of the most important Brazil Road Expo’s partners associations – , by 2016 R$ 1.48 trillion will be invested across the country. This covers 12,265 infrastructure projects consolidated into 10 sectors, of which highways, dams, ports and railways are the majority.
BRE: gateway to Brazil’s infrastructure market Brazil’s transport infrastructure is on the main areas that demand investments and the PAC works to meet these needs. According 2012 Brazil’s Annual Budget Bill (PLOA), for exempla, the transport sector should receive, through the PAC, R$ 16.8 billion (around US$ 11,2 billion), an amount 2.7% higher than the current budget. Of this total, about 75% or R$ 12.7 billion (US$ 8,47) will be allocated to road transportation, to carry out highways construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of roads, and also investments in weighing and speed control systems.
“Brazil has an absolute prevalence of the highway modal, whether for cargo or for passenger transportation, all of the questions tied to urban mobility end up interfering in the cities’ highway system,” says the engineer Guilherme Ramos, director of Quartier Feiras.
“Besides, any transportation infrastructure work, whether a port, airport, subway line, railway, waterway and even a highway, implies interventions in surrounding areas, which may be the opening, change in layout or improvement in an access route to the enterprise,” reiterates Ramos, remembering that Brazil Road Show gathers solutions to construct roads and highways, but also to conduct works without interfering, or interfering as little as possible, in existing roads. “That is the case of equipment with trellises that permit the construction of a viaduct without interrupting traffic on the road to be crossed by the new work, or even equipment and non-destructive techniques, such as the construction of a highway tunnel or the creation of subway lines under the major urban centers,” he concludes.
Source: Brazil Road Expo News Room