Iran Confair – Tehran’s gateway to Gulf construction

15th Iran International Building and Construction ExhibitionIran has one of the oldest civilisations in the world, and a rich store of ancient architecture to match, but it’s important to remember that it also has a fast-growing population and one of the region’s largest economies, with strong tourism and energy sectors. That makes it a major player in the construction industry and there’s a lot of work available for both local and overseas contractors. To showcase the country’s own industry, and introduce foreign companies to the Iranian market, Iran Central Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran and Iran International Exhibitions are running the 15th Iran Confair from 9-12 August, at Tehran’s international fairground. This is a key event if you’re looking at entering the Iranian market, which is likely to accelerate as sanctions are lifted.
Iran Confair is the largest building exhibition in Iran, and can attract over half a million visitors through its four-day run. This year’s lineup will include at least 800 exhibitors from more than 20 countries, with strong participation from Central Asian companies and a wide range of Iranian firms as well as entrants from further afield.
As a general construction event Confair hosts a huge range of companies, and a correspondingly large selection of products. Practically everything needed to go from cleared ground to a completed building will be on display, including plant, tools, materials, finishes and an amazing array of fittings – from doors and plumbing to climate control and elevators, it’s all there.
Just as important as the products is the opportunity to learn about doing business in Iran. The economy is split between state, private and cooperative sectors, but operating in any of them means understanding the unique local business environment. Iran Confair is your chance to talk to Iranian firms, industry bodies and government officials, so it’s an invaluable start point when it comes to building the professional networks you need to operate smoothly in the country.
Iran is an important market that’s likely to grow rapidly as tourism expands, and anyone interested in working there should take the opportunity to start making valuable contacts at Confair. This is by far the largest expo aimed at overseas companies and will give you a great head start at finding, planning and setting up projects, as well as showcasing the latest Iranian products. Location details can be found on the event website, and tickets are available at the gate.