Nordbau 2015
Nordbau 2015

“KNOWLEDGE Creates Living spaces” – with its special exhibitions, "Sports facilities for the future" and "Designing Living Areas + SmartHomes for the Home".

(Neumünster) From the 11th to 15th September 2019, the 64th edition of NordBau will take place in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein, at the Holstenhallen Neumünster exhibition grounds – a meeting point and exchange platform for the construction industry and all construction managers in Northern Europe!
Meeting the requirements of new trend sports and strengthening social cohesion with “sports facilities for the future”
One of the main focuses of this year’s NordBau is the renovation of sports facilities and the sports facilities for the future. The decisive impulse for this special exhibition was triggered by the very well-attended lecture event organized by the Schleswig-Holstein Regional sports association on the renovation of sports facilities at the last NordBau. The investment backlog at sports facilities is vast. Many buildings and facilities are outdated and need to be renovated. The Ministry of the Interior in Schleswig-Holstein, which is responsible for sports, and the regional sports association are ready to take up finding in the regions of hundreds of millions, in the coming years. On this occasion, we need to seize the opportunity during renovations and in new buildings, not only to produce the functionality for traditional sports offers, but rather to prepare facilities so that they correspond to the changing trends in sports. Modern, contemporary and future-oriented buildings and facilities for the young and old, for people in the countryside, as well as in the cities. Important topics such as inclusion, integration and simultaneous offers for children and parents must be considered. The point that sports facilities in open space and in clubs are important meeting places for social cohesion should be given greater attention in proposals and planning. Together with the Technical University of Lübeck, the Schleswig-Holstein States Sports Association and numerous other partners, a central point of contact sample modules, models and planning examples will be created in Hall 8, on an area of around 400 square meters. Andrea Schauließ, of the Department of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Lübeck, said: “The special exhibition “Sports facilities for the future” in itself should already be an eye-catcher as an exhibition stand and give visitors and representatives of associations as well as municipal sponsors impulses and suggestions for the implementation of renovation measures, but also have visions for the future. We invite the visitors to stay and get informed at the joint stand. They will gain insights into sports facilities for the future, the renovation of new buildings and sports buildings, as well as information on sports fields with a realignment to the future needs and trends of the people.
Source: Nordbau Press