Kohler / Lombardini – Ready for the Future

In readiness for the imminent Tier 4 final / EU Stage 3B emission regulations that are soon to take effect, Lombardini / Kohler will exhibit the new range of KDI (Kohler Direct Injection) diesel engines at the Executive Hire Show 2013.
Innovation is the common thread running through the design of this completely new family of engines, which feature highly advanced technology for clean combustion and limited emissions without the use of after-treatment systems, while simultaneously enabling remarkable performance levels to be reached.
The excellent power and torque in relation to the engines’ compact size and the absence of particulate abatement systems (such as DPFs) translate into clear advantages for all OEMs who can now replace their current engines with lower-displacement units and, at the same time, enjoy the benefits of reduced fuel consumption and longer service intervals. Maintenance intervals for oil servicing are expected to be 500-750 hours depending on application, and end users will avoid the necessary regeneration issues and life cycle replacement (typically 3000 hours) associated with a standalone DPF.
The Kohler KDI 2504TCR engine was awarded the “Diesel Engine of the Year” award for 2012 at the INTERMAT exhibition held in Paris. This is awarded to the year’s most technically innovative diesel engine and was introduced in 1986 by DIESEL magazine – the magazine of choice in the world of OEMs.
Source: Kohler/ Lambardini News Room