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magni uk

Magni Telescopic Handlers UK Ltd

2018 brings a new chapter in the history of the Magni brand in the UK. For the past 3 years the Magni brand has been marketed and supported by the Forkway Group who were the official importer. In September 2017, Magni Telescopic Handlers Srl made the decision that to expand their market share in the UK they would need to change the way they conducted their business and decided to end their agreement with the Forkway Group. This agreement officially finished at the end of 2017.
Magni Telescopic Handlers UK Ltd has been set up as a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK. The company is headed up by Alex White who was previously working for the importer and has been the face of the brand for the past 3 years. The company is currently residing in a shared office building but expects to take the keys to a new UK headquarters in Dorset by the end of March. The building is part way through a major refurbishment program and when finished will hold a stock of machines, and parts will have comprehensive training facilities. However, this is just the start and a short-term option until a new purpose-built facility is ready for occupation.
The Magni range of rotating and heavy lift telescopic handlers was first introduced at the Bauma show in 2013. At the time there were just a couple of models but since then the range has grown at a significant rate. Magni now have 13 models in its rotational range, 6 models in its heavy lift range and a 20m rigid chassis telescopic handler. To put that in perspective, Magni, in 5 years have created a range of rotating telescopic handlers that matches rivals that took 20+ years to develop. Not only are they arguably one of the fastest growing brands in the Construction industry right now but they
are also one of the first new construction manufacturing companies to be formed in Europe in the last 20 years.
In 2016 Magni signed a deal with Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co. Ltd (Dingli). This deal was for Magnito redesign the boom platforms in the Dingli range and to import Magni Dingli platforms into Europe. As such Magni now supply a comprehensive range of scissor platforms with a full range of boom platforms being launched soon. The joint venture also allows better access to the Chinese market for the Magni telescopic handlers.
There are exciting plans for Magni in 2018 and a key part of this is the creation of its new UK subsidiary. Magni Telescopic Handlers UK Ltd will be building on its already healthy profile to raise it even higher with some very exciting announcements to come in the first quarter. Customers that have been involved with Magni up to this point and especially those that have been to the factory have seen first-hand the growth and vision of Magni. The impression they always return with is that Magni is a company with a can-do attitude that is incredibly customer focused in its approach.
Magni will be exhibiting at a number of UK shows in 2018 and will have various demonstration machines available for customers. With new standards in safety, ergonomics and technical expertise expect to see a Magni on a site near you soon