The development of sustainability in the Middle East requires a real push towards financial incentive, enforced energy efficiency requirements and sustainable design knowledge. With more than 40 per cent of carbon emissions said to come from occupied buildings, there is a pressing need for the region’s construction industry to step up on sustainability and international and regional experts are keen to help drive the process forward.

Andy White, event director for The Big 5 the region’s leading event for the building and construction industry, has noted the increasing influence of sustainable issues across this industry and thus on the event, over the past few years. He said: “What was once a ‘buzz’ word in the boardroom is now commonplace. The need for products and solutions that make the construction process more efficient, economically and environmentally, has meant the platforms we have created to showcase this have grown significantly to encompass every element of the event – from the conference, the exhibition as well as the increasing popularity of our environmental recognition programme, the GAIA Awards.

“With this in mind, the decision to launch The Build Green Congress this year has been extremely well received, and has attracted a very high caliber of speakers regionally and internationally.”

Internationally acclaimed experts from across the world will be taking part in a series of discussions and presentations on the challenges and solutions for sustainable development in the Middle East. The Green Build Congress, taking place at The Big 5 2011 from 22-24 November at Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, will provide a platform for knowledge share and debate on a number of topics related to environmental impact. With never seen before presentations from a variety of world-class specialists.

Speakers will include Dr. Nawal Al Hosany, associate director of sustainability at Masdar City, Keith Clark, head of sustainability at Atkins, Adrian Smith, principal at Adrian Smith + Gordon Hill, Mario Seneviratne, director of sustainability at US Green Building Council and Prof. Jean-Louis Scartezzini, Director, Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory EPFL. The conference will take place as one vision day, dedicated to the sharing of international perspectives, insight from experts on the drivers for change and challenges being faced, and then two action days. The action days will encourage delegates to get practical with case study examples, strategic approaches and how challenges have been overcome.

Andrew Olszewski, director of International Urban Strategies who will be presenting on Transforming Urban Environments to Create Economically Successful, Livable, Sustainable Communities, commented: “The last decade of urban development in many Middle Eastern cities was car oriented. This is not only unsustainable but also very foreign to the local tradition, which in the past has been the world leader in efficiency and conservation, not to mention adaptation to climate. In short, true sustainability can only be achieved through the efficiency of the entire urban system and the successful past can be a strong foundation towards the future.

“To achieve comprehensive integration of urban density, efficient built systems, transport and public spaces a different approach is needed, which from the start assumes the solutions are three dimensional and offer effective models for urban design and city architecture. Many of the greatest innovations are found through a blending of ideas: the mix of speakers and participants offers a true opportunity for serendipity.”

The Green Build Congress hopes to encourage this opportunity through the benchmarking of international best practice and access to proven solutions, which will include, a case study from the UK on the route to mass market zero carbon homes from John Tebbit, industry affairs director from the Construction Products Association. He said: “I know that events such as The Big 5 Green Build Congress offer a great opportunity for attendees to hear about progress from around the world and exchange views and knowledge. Zero carbon homes can offer lower bills and enhanced comfort to occupants. They can also reduce the impact for energy suppliers and help in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions.”

The Big 5 Green Build Congress will take place from 21-24 November 2011, at the Dubai International Exhibition and Conference Centre. For further information, visit or contact [email protected]

Middle East Concrete, PMV Live and FM Expo are now operating under The Big 5 portfolio of events and will run alongside The Big 5 in 2011 and beyond. Developed to cater to industry demand they will provide dedicated zones for buyers, which will focus on those products and services most relevant to each industry.


Source: Big 5 NewsRoom