Manitou helping to create a new generation town at Chapelton.

Five miles south of Aberdeen there is an ambitious construction project coming to fruition, a new vision of modern living combining with the best facets of the past to deliver a real sense of community within seven distinct neighbourhoods totalling 8,000 houses.
The initial phase of construction will see 4,045 homes built within a thriving, sustainable area of four neighbourhoods, Cairnhill, Wester Cairnhill, Newhall and Chapelton town centre. Each district is designed to incorporate local shops, offices, bus stops and open space parkland. Sites have also been identified for three primary schools and one secondary school which will be located adjacent to commercial areas offering convenience for families and encouraging businesses on the high street.
Elsick Development Company is working with three renowned house builders to realise the masterplan for quality and spacious housing, utilising local build materials. AJC Homes an Aberdeenshire based company exactly meet the requirements to deliver a combination of the best of traditional values with modern methods with the focus on spaciousness, high specification interiors and attractive external architecture. AJC is a privately owned boutique house builder with a remit as a high quality residential developer which has an unrivalled reputation for building homes which will provide lasting value through top specification design and build. The distinctive design concept at Chapelton of Elsick particularly suits their ethos where high levels of management input ensure consistency in providing exceptional standards of construction.
Quality applies across all aspects of AJC Homes business strategy and the recent purchase of a new Manitou MT1840 is testament to their quest to operate the latest modern technology on site. The Manitou MT1840 has an impressive lift height of 18 metre and a load capacity of 4,000kg, cab comfort is to a high specification ensuring that the driver is fully productive. The JSM (Joystick, Switch and Move) control is a significant advantage for enhanced efficiency as all boom and hydraulic functions plus forward and reverse direction are all incorporated on the one control enabling smooth and positive handling combined with the benefit of the driver always having one hand on the steering wheel.
The stability of the Manitou when working on rough terrain and uneven surfaces is exceptional with good lateral and frontal stability allowing loads to be easily and safely placed. The wide stabilisers are easily deployed and combined with the chassis levelling device enhances stability whatever the ground conditions.
Manitou MT1840
Safety is an integral part of the design of the Manitou MT high lifts and features include an automatic parking brake, a tilt lock out facility, an easy connect system enabling depressurisation of the hydraulic attachment service without turning off the engine and a digicode for security and immobilisation. Greater driver safety is provided by a driver presence detector to ensure the cab door is shut, improved dashboard functions give more information to the driver and the load sensing detector has three modes, handling, bucket and swinging load function which facilitates safer handling of roof trusses.
AJC Construction Scotland Ltd have purchased two MT1840 A telehandlers which are pre-configured for a dedicated access platform in addition to the MT1840 and perfectly complements their existing fleet of two MT1030S, 10 metre lift height models.
Manitou is playing an active part in creating a semi rural lifestyle at Chapelton all within a fifteen minute commute of Aberdeen. Local Manitou dealer Groundwater Lift Trucks of Stonehaven supplied the Manitou and is supporting AJC Homes in their construction activity on the prestigious Chapelton site.