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Murphy Plant mandates Xwatch Safety Solutions on its fleet moving forwards…

Murphy Plant is one of the largest providers of plant, transport and equipment in the UK, managing and maintaining more than £100 million worth of plant, transport and specialist equipment. It is a part of J. Murphy and Sons Limited – a leading global, specialist engineering and construction company.

The company’s vision is to improve life by delivering world-class infrastructure and this is achieved by providing innovative, best-in-class equipment, which encompasses the company’s ‘Never Harm value, prioritising safety by offering equipment aligned with the latest safety developments and initiatives.

Murphy’s ongoing commitment to safety is what led the company to Xwatch Safety Solutions. Brendan Sugrue, managing director of Murphy Plant, was keen to further develop the safety systems of his 300-strong fleet and had heard about the Xwatch product.

The system was recommended for its reliability and simplicity – Brendan reported, “I was genuinely blown away by the system. It was simple to use and there are far more safety features than other products in the market – a lot of innovation has gone into producing the XW5.”

Brendan added, “Moving forward, Murphy Plant will mandate the Xwatch XW5, Height, Slew and RCI (rated capacity indicator) on all new machinery added to our fleet.

What also impressed me, is that the Xwatch team provides onsite familiarisation training for our operators, who are now also qualified to train other operators on using Xwatch.”

Xwatch Safety Solutions

Commenting on the XW5, Brendan said, “The XW5 system supports a ‘lifting’ beacon which is active when the RCI is enabled. This simple system means that you don’t have to be an expert to know that if the beacon is not flashing the operator is in dig mode and not using the RCI – so at glance you can see if they are following the correct protocol.”

Murphy has recently invested upwards of £4million in brand new Komatsu machines ranging from 13 to 36 tonne, all of which will come installed with the XW5.

Dan Leaney, Xwatch sales and operations director said, “Safety is at the forefront of what we do at Xwatch. The Murphy team can be assured that they have what we believe to be the safest and most reliable system available in today’s market. We thank Brendan for his business and look forward to a long and successful working relationship.”

Murphy Plant on digitalisation:

Digital transformation is of huge importance to Murphy and the company understands the significance of data. Using the telematics equipment management platform MachineMax, the data Murphy garners from its fleet is being used for a range of outcomes, from boosting efficiency to reducing emissions.

The MachineMax system maximises the productivity and profitability of every machine in the greenest way possible and is compatible with any make, any model, anywhere and this includes the Xwatch systems, which is fitted with a Can bus mounted event recorder.

MachineMax specialises in consolidating data coming from equipment telematics and sensors fitted to the equipment.

Brendan concluded, “Consolidating and using data to its full potential allows our business to be more efficient. By combining the data together you are able to streamline, improving fuel efficiency, safety of operation and vehicle maintenance in real-time.”

Source: X Watch Safety Solutions Press