NASTT No-Dig Show – Sacramento, California – March 3-7 2013

Repairing underground sewer and water pipelines has never been known to be a low budget operation. In both the UK and the USA the lifespan of much of the pipe infrastructure has gone beyond it’s time. This show provides information on how those pipes can be replaced, repaired or rehabilitated without needing to dig new trenches.
The show is not just about pipes for water, but it also provides solutions for gas and anything that uses a pipe as housing.
The NASTT 2013 No-Dig Show is ideal for those who work for government agencies, have a limited budget (I think that applies to most of us, these days) and who want to know some new technologies that will save a lot of time and trouble. Contractors, consultants, engineers and construction businesses will find a lot to get excited about at this show.
NASTT is a non-profit educational society whose aim is to raise awareness of trenchless solutions. Attendees and exhibitors of this show will find that it’s a great place to build new relationships, attend technical sessions and for some, make some sales. The society has a big interest in the environment and also in cost savings.
Here’s more about NASTT and their educational and networking opportunities.
If this trenchless technology is something that you want a thorough introduction to and are interested in benefiting from extensive training in, then this is your show. Most keynote sessions are two hours or more long. You’ll learn everything on how to install the pipework and also what to do when there is a leak. There is also a horizontal drilling best practice session amongst others.
Exhibitors include a range of pipe and chemical solution providers such as 3M and Aqua-Pipe.